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Dwarf Planet Eris and M.P. Expenses

Posted on 9th June, 2009

I am interested in the current U.K. headlines, since they beautifully express Eris's arrival on the World stage.  (For some serious research and background on Eris and her discovery, please go to the Eris web page of this site.)  There are those who limit the meaning of Eris to a leather clad thugette intent on causing WW3, but she is oh-so-much more complex than that, and I recommend those commentators settle down and have a good read of Hesiod's "Works and Days". 

Her essential meaning is about envy and recriminations from "those-who-have-not" to "those-who-have".  And in this way she brings about a fair and ordered society, since it controls the excesses of the group who have taken more than their fair share.  If we are all going to be completely honest, we know that whether British Members of Parliament put the money back or not, or even if they never get to claim their mortgages again......Joe Public is never going to feel the benefit, or have the money refunded to him.  So why are we so worked up about It?  Because WE couldn't do it.  And if we can't do it, we don't want anyone else to be able to do it. Not not M.P.'s, not fat-cat, slobbering bank managers - No one!

The type of recrimination we see from the press/media to the M.P.'s is not a new thing, Hesiod ascribed this type of psychological motivation to Eris in the 6th century, however, we may be entering a phase in collective behaviour when it is far more pronounced, since Eris is now on the rise in the collective un-conscious.  Her rise is timely since we have just been through a decade of extreme Capitalist growth, when even the Left became Right, and there is a bigger gap between "Capitalist Pigs" and the common public than we knew about.

Eris was known to the Greeks as being able to stir even "dullards to exertion" so this type of event should get ever more interesting.  Hopefully football players now???

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Dear Sue, If you are not already a friend we would like you as one . thanks for your succint and accurate observations.
Maybe Eris (having the courage to stand out against what others do) is the perfect antidote for British apathy. We are so blinded (distracted?) by beaurocracy, consumerism (our own) and technology that we lose sight of our values and then finally when we wake up, realise that the people we entrusted with them have let us down. They say each country gets the leaders it deserves..... I wonder if Eris is at work with the Gordon Ramsay backlash?
I think so. we can feel her working in us when we get envious of someone else. When we think \"Why have they got that? It\'s not fair, it should have been me. I\'m not going to support that person now.\" In a psychology experiment involving 8 year olds, they had to pull a lever which would give them one sweet BUT also more sweets for another child at the same time. The children rejected the offer of a sweet for themselves if it meant the other child would get more as a result! Amazing! Eris is a massive human behaviour regulater, built into our DNA. She exists in single people, families, groups and nations.
I can see how Eris is working here. Would love to understand if she would weild the same power in our personal charts as she does on a more general basis.<br /><br />