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Total Eclipse Football

Posted on 12th July, 2010

The Daily Telegraph (1) called it the “the dirtiest final in the history of the World Cup.” At the end of the game the English referee had booked 14 players against a previous record of 6. Apparently it should have been many more and he allowed assault and brutality from the Dutch team to go unchecked.


Since half of the world’s population of 7 million was expected to be watching this game which occurred during a total solar eclipse, we can take it to represent the eclipse in general and therefore this is valuable astrological research into the energy invoked during solar eclipses. There is a lovely metaphor for the Moon’s action of putting out the Sun’s light in this explanation of the referee’s tension:


“.....his pre-match concentration was unexpectedly disrupted when he had to clear a space between the waiting players for an unconscious pitch invader — summarily dispatched by a punch from a security officer — to be carried down the tunnel.”


An image of the Sun’s light, honesty and clarity being extinguished and carried off. Now we enter a world ruled by the primordial Dark Moon. Where instinctive and bestial behaviour can take over from civilised influence. Where raw survival of the fittest takes sway and brute savagery is unleashed. No sunlight is now reflected to the Earth from the Moon.


The telegraph reporter commented on frayed nerves and concluded “What a mess.” This, I think, is a lovely comment to describe the chaotic and unruly result of the flux lines leading from the Sun and Moon to Earth being crossed with the resultant choppy and fractured energy scattering in all directions.


The Sun (2) newspaper made a further unconscious metaphorical contribution when it described the name of Holland’s game plan as being something called "total football" but then judged this one to be "total thuggery". (Ha! Total eclipse! LOL!)  For information about the eclipse see the previous blog.


REFS: (Ha refs!.... references...referee...get it?)


(1) WHITE, D. (12th July 2010) World Cup Final: Referee Howard Webb Unable to Control the Uncontrollable.






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