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Eclipsed Full Moon on the Solstice and Horizon. Finale and Fizzle.

Posted on 8th December, 2010

On the 5th of December the orchestra began to warm up. The conductor straightened his cuffs and moved to the podium. Very slowly, with the instruments tuned and the dancers waiting in the wings, the audience filed and in and sat down. The expectation and excitement building with every passing moment.


The curtain opens, the dance begins and the two week period between a New Moon (when the Sun and Moon are together) and the Full Moon (when they are on opposite sides of the Earth) begins. For the difference between the two events is the unfolding of a story, one a beginning, and one the grand finale And then the audience will file out, the janitor sweeps up and it all starts again.


On the 5th December the Moon and Sun were together in the sky, ok it was a bit too cold in England for us to notice, but they were there as we put up the Christmas tree, moaned that the lights weren’t working (secretly delighted because now we had something to moan about) and generally got all excited at the advent of Christmas. But little did we know……


The conductor has a little pizzaz in his finale this year. For as the Moon moves around the Earth and positions itself on the far side of the Sun (a full Moon), some pretty momentous stuff happens at the same time. The Sun and Earth and Moon get into an exact line whilst the Sun and Moon are on the Nodes (the crossing point of the Moon path and the Sun path).


And, as if that wasn’t enough excitement, they produce an eclipse of the Moon JUST as it is rising above the horizon in Middle England. Tan tat a rah! (Roll of drums and clash of symbols!) Wow!

AND…even more exciting……it happens just as the Nodes are about to change Zodiac signs after 15 months in Cancer and Capricorn. (Big Phew! from all Cappies and Crabs!)


BUT….there’s still more…. It happens on the Solstice! The `standstill` of the Sun. The point when the Sun seems to halt in its yearly movement along the horizon before it starts moving back again. When the Sun is directly over the Tropic of Capricorn at midday. The day that was SO important to the ancients. The reason they built Stonehenge…… anymore emphasis needed? More Wow’s!


What does it all mean? One of the biggest distortions in the lines of force around our planet since….well…last June actually! Not long, but a lot has happened for many. I have always said, “Stuff 2012, have you SEEN 2010`s transits?”


I’m gonna say right away that no big apocalyptic event is in MY calendar and that’s silly talk….but I do think there is a lot we a can do personally to take advantage of the connections and synchronicity between last June and now.

For these two events are very rare actually. We do get eclipses twice a year, but rarely with all the other stuff happening as well. This is a rare year.


I’m going to cogitate and write much more on this next week (my sister is cooking the dinner now, so I have more time…….thanks Caroline!)  So stay tuned and I’ll have some really good stuff for you in a few days. In the meantime, plan to be somewhere special around 08.00 on the 21st December. We don’t want to let the conductor and actors down now do we?

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ooooo ahhhhhh, as requested!! It has definitely been the most extraordinary six months, I'm looking forward to reading your next thoughts too - what comes next I wonder? Meantime I'm off to block the date and time in my diary!!