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Uh oh! Eris and Egypt.

Posted on 12th February, 2011

The chart is below.


When the announcement that Hosni Mubarak had resigned was made by Omar Suleiman, we got a very special chance to look at the astrology involved. As far as I can ascertain, the announcement was made at 6.00pm (local) in Cairo on 11th February and eyewitnesses testify that it was accompanied by waves of very potent feeling and euphoria.


A tri-wheel of Egypt’s national chart, the secondary progressions to it and the transits of the announcement shows an awful lot going on, but most tellingly, a strong Eris and Sedna. Eris is opposing Egypt’s Saturn and Neptune. Since Saturn rules Capricorn and this is the sign on Egypt’s Midheaven and 10th house cusp, this makes complete sense in as much as the events are all taking place in Egypt’s 10th, or in other words, how Egypt is seen by the outside world. Neptune is ruling Pisces on the cusp of the 12th, where everything gives itself up to the cosmic plan. Something Greater is involved. The nation’s secret societies, public welfare and labour disturbances are all ruled by the 12th house, so this is really apt too. However.... I hadn't even considered Eris before.....this hindsight has given me the astonishing realisation that these new planets are really starting to work their stuff in the transits. Eris hadn't really shown herself to be influential up until now.... but then in myth, it is said that she lays low for a while before beginning her rampage. In fact I had just put the initial stirrings in Egypt down to old-timers Ceres and then Uranus, at least we know and understand them.


Blimey…Eris! Oh my! For when Eris gets involved the house comes down. In myth she started a chain of events that led to the Trojan wars and is known for her violence and discord. She will always rout out that which should have been sorted out previously and it is possible to have a positive outcome, but only if those involved do not succumb to rivalry and envy.


However, she is not the only goddess involved here for Sedna is also very active! This distant planetoid is squaring the Egyptian progressed Sun which is on top of the natal Pluto. And when one considers that transiting Sun and Mars are making a square and transiting Moon is making a conjunction to transiting Sedna we have to place a heavy focus here as well. Sedna is an Arctic underworld goddess and although evolutionary, has not appeared to be involved with this type of event before. Although extremely powerful, she has been much more concerned with huge global movements of water up until now. Another curved ball.


Before looking at all this more carefully, as we finally get a chance to do now we have a resignation chart, I had happily awarded the planetary symbolism to the Makemake/Uranus opposition which squares natal Egyptian Sun, but Uranus at least, is out of orb now and so we are left with transiting Makemake at 25:27 of Virgo and Sedna and Eris as shown.


However, there is so much activity at 21 degrees it is impossible to separate one deity from another, so we will just have to accept that it is TNO (Trans Neptunian Object) field day. It remains to be said then, that these newly discovered objects are really starting to get active and we are in thrilling times astrologically as we watch what they can do.


copyright Alison Chester-Lambert 2011


If you want to learn more of these new planets then I suggest you buy my book on them called `Future in the Stars` which you can get from amazon. There are links near the bottom of the homepage sidebar if you need them.


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