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Full Moon Approaching....

Posted on 16th March, 2011

All Eyes on the Full Moon…..


I spoke in the blog of 14th March I spoke of the Sun Saturn opposition in the national chart of Japan and we are certainly seeing what this represents. Pragmatism, stoical countenance, and a rugged demeanour. The planets say the poor Japanese are going to need every bit of this as we approach the Full Moon which goes exact in the early evening of the 19th March here in England.


(A bit of astrology – The Moon goes exact at 28 degrees 47’ishVirgo and the Moon in the national chart of Japan is at 27 degrees 43’ of Gemini – the Moon Sun opposition is going to square Japan’s Moon. Meanwhile the transiting Moon’s Nodes are almost exactly on top of Japan’s Moon too and they square the Sun Moon opposition.)


It is also quite a strong Moon; it is in that part of its cycle where it is closest to the Earth and it will also be exactly opposite the Sun - causing some gravitational pressures .I guess this means more seismic activity somewhere on Earth and Japan looks a likely candidate. The effects of a Full Moon are strongest 24 hours prior, so the pressure start Friday 18th March.


Over the next few days we also have some Eris activity, so it seems there will be recriminations in some quarters. This may seem a little harsh under the circumstances, but that’s Eris for you. She is an old Greek goddess resurrected for the 21st century who usually means terrible trouble for those who didn’t do something they were supposed to do. She was known in ancient Greece for all kinds of strife and difficulty… but this happened because people weren’t doing their jobs properly. (See my article on Eris on this site) Eris is very active in the Japanese troubles…. we have yet to see what she is trying to say.


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I found your book deeply informative and highly pertinent.

It appears to me Eris is saying that the Japanese (and all the rest of the world) have not been living in harmony with the energies of the Earth. The message is not getting through clearly as many people think we simply have to keep doing what we have already been doing, only better. This thinking, combined with human nature's tendency to underestimate or overlook risks in pursuit of self interest, led directly to the present predicament. More of this thinking will only deepen the problem.

Sedna's involvement reveals some of the underlying deceptions, with considerable outrage.

It looks like we have been on the wrong track altogether by approaching energy use with large concentrated power production, putting so much at risk to human error, the danger of deliberate attacks, and the likelihood of natural disasters. Small localized power production by wind, solar, etc. could be viable without the extreme risks of our current methods, but hardly provides financial incentives for the big corporations to do so. That shift in behavior would also require a massive shift in human consciousness about how we live with the energies of the Earth.

I am interested in how you see the energies of the Earth herself interacting with Eris and Sedna?