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Asteroid Near Miss - June 27th 2011

Posted on 27th June, 2011

Asteroid Near Miss 27th June 2011


An asteroid is currently heading towards Earth and will sling shot round it at just 7,500miles above the Earth’s surface. At 6.00pm BST (17.00pm GMT), it will have reached its closest to Earth’s surface as it cruises over the southern Atlantic Ocean.


It is streaking in from outer space at a cool 6.7 kms per second, but actually that’s slow in space travel speak. In fact, were it going any slower it would have been captured by the Earth’s gravity. Because this velocity is slowish, the Earth has been able to make a big impact on its direction, causing it to make a U-turn as it sling shots around our planet.


As it gathers pace to leave its lowest point, it will pass through the orbit of Earth’s satellites so there is a tiny chance of a collision with one of them.


The asteroid, called MD 2011, is one of the Apollo group of asteroids which orbit the Sun in the path of the Earth, so we do encounter them from time to time. This one is about the size of a large house and would possible break up even if it was on collision course, but that hasn’t always been so.


On the 30th June 1908, a comet or meteorite of a similar size to MD 2011 may have exploded a few miles up in Earth’s atmosphere and caused extreme damage to 830 sq. miles of Russian forest land. It was called the Tunguska event and was judged to be 1,000 times more powerful than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima.


However the damage was caused mainly by a shock wave which flattened everything in its path – there was no impact crater. This has left the event open to all kinds of theories, including extraterrestrial activity..... who knows.... we never will.....BUT - interesting that it happened just after a New Moon and solar eclipse in Cancer......


We have a New Moon and partial eclipse in Cancer on Friday.... whooo ..spooky!



How will this asteroid affect us personally?


In my opinion, the human body is more sensitive to gravity than mainstream believes! (i.e. Moon's gravitational effect on tides?) So I believe we will somehow FEEL/sense the effect of this gravitational disturbance. Earth will feel it too...


Okay, a gravitational effect from something that small, that far away is a long stretch..... but whatever makes astrology work WILL be at work here. Something ripples out in the invisible web of dark matter which envelopes the space around the Earth ... there is a wave effect in the Ether. And this works its way down to our nervous systems... we `feel` it.


I could put this another way too..... think about the effect we are having on the asteroid.... it takes all this influence back out into space with it!          Think nice thoughts......




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Comments (3)

I don't believe to this thing! I hope everything will be good
I think that people should not so worry about this, because it can be not true.
I can only imagine how happy we are to missed a chance to meet an asteroid!