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 Starry Messengers


Alison's first book was a limited first edition and that has now sold out. But it was re-published as the `Future in the Stars` and there are still a few personally signed copies of this for sale.

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TThe Future in the Stars 


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Alison Chester-Lambert


An astrology web site with a difference! It is for the seriously curious who want quality, specialist, esoteric material. You will find the deepest research into the Dwarf Planets and Multiverse Astrology. But even if you don’t know any astrology at all, you may still be able to understand and enjoy most of the pages.


Please Note: This website is no longer updated, but has been left on-line as an extensive astrology archive for the DWARF PLANETS.


Please feel free to use the material and quote from it, but if you do, please give the web address and quote `Alison Chester-Lambert` in your work. 


If you quote from it as if the work is your own, without saying where it came from, you are actually commiting a crime, but in any case, you really don't want that sort of karma over your head do you?



.Founder Alison Chester-Lambert M.A..


Alison has BBC TV, Sky TV and American TV credits. She has been a regular contributor to BBC radio and the UK's Dail Mail newspaper  See here for an appearance on BBC 2's Daily Politics Show. She has also had regular columns in all the top spiritual and astrological magazines both in the USA and UK. She is also considered a serious research astrologer with a list of publications which includes the ever successful Astrology Reading Cards. Alison has a Masters Degree in cultural astronomy & astrology and now studies Egyptology in an academic setting. 




An astrology consultation or reading is the best form of `life coaching` there is, for astrology has an unrivalled framework for self anaysis and spiritual understanding. It looks deep into the soul and reveals the underlying motivations or influences on a person’s life. With astrology we can understand ourselves and others better. We get new meaning to life and this makes us happier and more content. Clients are always very impressed with Alison's skill, accuracy and professionalism. For more info about readings click here.

Only £120 for up to 90 minutes initial reading. £79 for 60 minutes follow up reading.




Alison on BBC2's The Daily Politics Show



Since a more relaxed approach to faith and belief systems other than the main 3 religions is now possible, astrology is enjoying more acceptance in many areas of life. If nothing else, it provides food-for-thought or philosophical reflection even in a light-hearted way. With a 7,000 year old history, it must have something to offer. How wonderful then that the Daily Politics Show - a bastion of stuffiness - invited Alison on the show! Click on the image to see the results!



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An astrology reading is £120 for up to 90 mins, recorded.

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The reading is via Skype on any device. Skype will video record the session and deliver it to you for you to download and save for free. 


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