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Alison appears on the Sandie Sedgbeer show the last Thursday of every month.

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Private Readings


Alison is available from 8.00am to 8.00pm GMT

7 days a week for personal telephone readings any where in the World.


Only £67 for over 1 hour via Skype or phone. Recorded.

Call 01827 68288 if you are in the UK or e-mail  if you are in America


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Is there such a thing as fate? Is your death pre-determined?

Alison on BBC WM  answering these questions:

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Click on the image to buy a 1hr 40min DVD or download of a talk given on a book/talk tour of USA in May 2011. "a sparkling performance, thoroughly entertaining and packed with brand new, unpublished astrology from a world class expert in this field"

Only £10




Alison on the Sandie Sedgebeer Show in March 2012. This interview is 90mins long and covers many different subjects.







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 `Starry Messengers`


Alison's first book and a limited first edition. There are just a few copies left. This book was re-published as the `Future in the Stars`, so you do not need to buy them both. Click on the image to find out more.


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`Future In The Stars`

published by Findhorn Press



Predictions for the Human Race in the 21st Century




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in Paradigm Shift


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click here to hear hour long radio show on VNR, Blogtalkradio in 2010. Discussing demotion of Pluto and meaning of new planets



Article on Makemake and population issues on Spiritguides website



Click here to hear an hour long radio programme recorded on East Coast of America for Jenn Royston Show 2011. About the 8yr period of extreme change 2008 - 2016


Alison Chester-Lambert


An astrology web site with a difference! It is for the seriously curious who want quality, specialist, esoteric material. You will find the very latest research in Dwarf Planets and Multiverse Astrology. But even if you don’t know any astrology at all, you may still be able to understand and enjoy most of the pages.



.Founder Alison Chester-Lambert.


Alison has BBC radio and American TV credits and has lectured world wide including the west coast of America. She writes horoscopes for several glossy magazines including the weekly horoscopes for Soul and Spirit's website, has had her own column in the Astrological Journal and Paradigm Shift and now has a regular monthly slot on the Sandie Sedgbeer show. Alison has also published 2 books and a deck of astrology cards. Alison is a serious research astrologer and is currently taking a Masters degree in cultural astronomy and astrology.


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An astrology consultation or reading is the best form of `life coaching` there is, for astrology has an unrivalled framework for self anaysis and spiritual understanding. It looks deep into the soul and reveals the underlying motivations or influences on a person’s life. With astrology we can understand ourselves and others better. We get new meaning to life and this makes us happier and more content. Clients are always very impressed with Alison's skill, accuracy and professionalism. For more info about readings click here. Only £59 for up to 90 minutes.




Alison has lectured all over the UK and Europe. She did a lecture tour down the west coast of the USA in 2011, taking in Mount Shasta, Sacremento and Los Angeles and has appeared on TV in the USA.


This is the pilot for her new TV show (2014) and she is being interviewed by Kevin Moore on The Moore Show. It was filmed via video conferencing. The subjects include what astrology is and how it works, the Meaning of Life and how we can improve things for ourselves.


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The Zodiac Sign of LEO


Click here or on the image to see one in a series of YouTube videos that describe the attributes of the Zodiac Signs.This particular one is the LEO energy, but they are all on the Alison Chester Lambert Youtube channel.



A person's personal horoscope is a map of the planets at the moment of their birth, but it also contains more. For the Earth is at the centre of invisible segments of the sky - like being in the middle of a cake. Or think of this as a golf ball at the centre of a Terry's chocolate orange. The wedge shaped segments around the golf ball are portions of the sky and each one is a Zodiac Sign.


So when each of us was born all of the Zodiac Signs were present and there is a bit of each in all our birth charts. Some of these are exaggerated and therefore more important and some are fairly muted. This video describes the Leo Zodiac Sign, so Leos should be able to recognise themselves, but others might find it familiar too.




The Internationally Acclaimed


Midlands School of Astrology



ONLY £300 for a complete astrology course with all the printed notes!

That's 20 x 2 hour astrology lessons in a group


Astrology Groups are starting all the time. As the list fills with 5 names, a group starts, so contact Alison to get your name on a list.

The groups can be in a physical place in the Midlands, or in cyperspace

via group video conferencing.



This means you an join a group from anywhere in the world!




What is astrology? A system for deriving self and future awareness by analysing the behaviour of the Cosmos. And when we learn of our planetary energies, we connect with the Soul of the Universe.


Astrology classes for self development and future awareness are taught all over the Midlands, with a range of classes and one-off seminars from basic through to more skilled.


Classes are small and friendly, with groups remaining friends for years after.  This is a special journey and it`s nice to share it!  If you tried to understand astrology before, but couldn`t -- you will this time!


Alison has an entirely new way of teaching, that is much easier to understand than other methods.  The Basic Astrology Course is full of simple but interesting and intriguing materials, and after just 25 lessons, you will be reading horoscopes.


Most importantly, you will understand yourself and your relationships in a way that you never thought was possible.  Astrology`s great gift is how it enables you to see things in a much deeper and more enlightened way.  You will become wiser and more in control of your own destiny.


By mixing psychology with astrology, Alison has developed classes and seminars that offers an unparalleled journey into probably the most revealing and breath-taking awareness experience available.  Some of the one-off seminars do not require a knowledge of astrology, simply an enquiring spiritual awareness.


To enquire how to join live groups or on-line groups, please phone or e-mail so you can be put on a list for the new year.



 Private Astrology Readings or Consultations


The biggest benefit of astrology is self-awareness.  It is wonderful therapy to focus entirely on yourself and realise how special you are.  Astrology can describe you accurately and positively.  After having a consultation with Alison, you will feel as if you know yourself in a way you never did before. 


Alison can also give you the same understanding of your close relationships.  Help you to understand what goes wrong, so can try a different way to get it right.  If you have just met someone, and you want to know more about them, Alison can tell you his secrets and what`s going on underneath. 


Maybe you could do with knowing the best days for falling out and making up, or just the best days for romance.


Or, if you are looking for relationship, Alison can help you with where to look and when


Family issues can be discussed if you wish.  Astrology certainly helps us to understand more, and understanding means we can be more patient and forgiving.


Career opportunities can also be hilighted, with when to get the best out of future trends and opportunities.  The famous spiritual guru and Angel lady, Diana Cooper has called Alison's work "revealing and insightful" wisdom.            


Alison walking in Snowdonia
An IMMEDIATE astrology telephone consultation in the
UK costs only £67 for over 1 hour, recorded

phone 01827 68288 or 07767 810889  



To find out more about these consultations, or pay by credit card, go to the special website:-  


click on this address 



To have a telephone or Skype reading if you anywhere else in the world:

 e-mail for an appointment. Payment is via Paypal by credit card. The £67 charge will be converted into $'s








If there is a painful issue that just won't go away and you need more than one enlightening session, Alison is happy to see you on a regular basis. In mainstream parliance, these would be called psychotherapy or counselling sessions.  However, rather than sitting there saying nothing, Alison does offer opinion, alternatives and a whole new insight.  She takes the view that if you'd been able to see your way out of the pain by yourself, you would have done!  So a psychotherapist sitting there and saying nothing could be no help at all. 


Testimonials and comments from clients who have attended these sessions:


"Life saving"  "Alison has incredible insight and wisdom"  "I couldn't believe the difference. My life changed from that day on.  It has transformed me."


Alison is very proud to say that she does not hold mainstream counselling qualifications, so is free to meet the needs of each person in a unique and individual way.  Afterwards, clients feel freedom from pain, lighter, more in control and keen to get on with their lives. 



outside links: an amazing organisation that can completely help with dealing with autistic spectrum disorder in children. These practitioners can completely change your life and your response to autism.


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