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The Worst School Killings in America, the Late 80’s - Early 90’s Generation and the Great Conjunction of Neptune and Uranus. What Does Astrology Say?


On Friday 14th December 2012, the 20 year old youth Adam Lanza broke into an infant school and shot dead 20 little children and 6 teachers in Newtown, Connecticut. This heinous and breath-taking tragedy shocked the world and naturally, people want to know why. Why DID he do it?


I believe I have an answer, but it involves understanding a lot about this particular generation and the issues they carry as a birth right. The story starts way back in the 1990’s when a particular cohort of children were dubbed the `Indigo children` by certain spiritual writers and then it bubbles up in England in 2011. Let’s start there…..


Looting and Arson Riots of England in August 2011


In August 2011, England was rocked by mindless and extremely destructive and violent looters and arsonists. They ransacked city centres throughout mainland England causing carnage, terror and millions of pounds worth of damage.


According to one newspaper, England was gripped by “horrifying scenes of mass destruction as rampaging, uncontrolled mobs, torched and robbed shops, terrorised the public.” These were scenes not witnessed for decades and law enforcement was initially slow to respond. For the first 36 hours at least, the organised looting gangs casually went about there plans unchallenged.


The rest of the world gawped in amazement “What …..London? Stiff upper lipped, civilised England?” Then the intoxicating idea of rioting and looting spread into Birmingham and other English cities and in most if not all cases, it was widely reported that young men in their early 20’s were more than predominantly to blame.


But why? Wasn’t this was the generation that had been given everything?


Now let’s go back to the late 80’s and early 90’s and ask what is in their horoscopes that was ready to explode in this way. And the answer is easy to find.


From February 1988 through to 1990 a group of planets that spell trouble were at critical angles to each other in the sky. Additionally, the giants Neptune and Uranus were `conjunct` from 1987 until 1997, with 1992 to 1994 being particularly `strong` years. So the years of greatest importance were from 1988 to 1994, and babies born during this period carry this generational `marker`. This is the generation who were widely held as responsible for the carnage in the UK, and what's more, Adam Lanza was born in 1992, right in the thick of it.


Going back to the UK lootings, the papers reported conflicting comments from the horrified residents of riot torn areas, “the young people in the community don’t have anything to do” one said, but then “It is rubbish to say that there is not enough for them to do, they build loads of places for them, but they trash them.” Then out of the confusion, a UK political leader said something interesting; “The poor feel that what matters is something they can’t even reach”. But surely this generation should have a greater potential than any that has gone before them? In modern history, this generation has surely been the most privileged.


So why were they “grabbing every mobile phone, flat screen television or item of designer clothing and footwear in sight.” Note here the reference to designer clothing and fashion because this is the domain of Neptune, one of the two Great planets involved.


Just one last newspaper quote: “The problem with the search for explanations is not that they do not exist, but that there are far too many. Everything from inequality and excessive materialism, through to poor education, family breakdown, absent fathers and gang culture…..”


And do we there glimpse the dark side of Capricorn? Gang culture is by all accounts extraordinarily hierarchical and authoritarian, possibly filling the discipline gap left by the absent fathers and family breakdown.


The excessive materialism and inequality mentioned in that Sunday Times quote opens up a very interesting feature of this generation, for actually the rich/poor inequality has been going on for thousands of years – so why does this generation group feel it so acutely?


It is the meaning of the other planet involved – Uranus. Here we have the symbolism for revolution against the establishment of Capricorn and all the social structures that have been built for safety and security. On a simple level, this generation wants to break free of restriction and boundaries. The lead weight of Capricorn feels too heavy and they resent it. They resent the establishment. They resent the achievement of others and envy their acquisitions. But surely this whole generation in general has enjoyed more material privilege than any before them. They were coordinating the looting on smart phones. However their aspirations for material trophies are very expensive and televised youths declared that they had no fear of law enforcement when it came down to the possibility of a particular designer hoodie or pair of trainers. Now you hear Neptune, with his pinings, yearnings and longings for something that can never be reached and in Capricorn, the dream is for status symbols - the fear is that they will not quench the need or provide the security so desperately sought. The disappointment is unacknowledged, the hopelessness goes on.


Adam Lanza


Now I want to add something that particularly affected Adam Lanza and the looters - deep down inside, they will feel they weren’t shown enough love by a generation of parents who put material achievements and presents over the more sensitive and loving demonstrations of affection. In short, they believe we gave them everything and spoilt them with `must-haves` but missed out on sensitive loving and home life. So they have to break down the establishment to show their acute disappointment. What matters is something they can’t identify or reach.


Perhaps for the looters, the issue was for the missing discipline, `struggle` is necessary for moral development and the last two decades of relative prosperity removed struggle from the lives of this generation?


But for Adam Lanza, it was the reverse. He wanted to be strong and dynamic, and couldn’t handle the repression, containment and security of his parents. He still craved emotional intelligence and loving that may be a hallmark of this generation, but he couldn’t find or handle either. In his horoscope and therefore for him, both parents are equally cold-hearted. He felt he couldn’t break free from his mental disabilities or his life with Mother. To be fair to both his parents, it appears they sang from the same hymn sheet and material prosperity mattered to them both. It was this intransigent submersion in the establishment with all its shrewdness and demands for duty that made the rebel in Adam Lanza snap in such a lethal way. His ego couldn’t contain a huge demand to conform to the society around him and he completely lost his sanity to the dark side. But at the moment of his outrage, he became the single human mouthpiece of a whole generation that cannot yet understand their lives and how they are supposed to be lived. Hmmm and whatever … as we shall see at the end of this article….. could it have been any different?


But What About The `Good` Ones in This Generation!


Looking at the members of this generation who don’t collapse into their darkness, we see a very different potential for this age group. For after all they are the keepers of the Uranus Neptune Great Conjunction and talk to those who can express themselves within the limits of the law and you hear so much more than the impression gained from looters and infanticide.


They have an older, wiser and superior strength of mind which is still dismissive of attempts to tame it, but they need to have. For they are here to do something very special. If we look back at the last two decades of the late 20th and early 21st century we can see we have sleep walked aboard the Titanic. Whilst Western leaders created a credit-based environment of over-consumption, growth and waste, they were asleep at the wheel. Why did no-one see that growth and more growth could only led to eventual depletion of raw materials and national credit cards that cannot be paid back? And now we have a generation that were born into it, but sense deep inside that it was all so very wrong. Talk to the ones who express themselves less forcefully and you will hear them say that everything is disposable and nothing is valuable or sacred.


Surprising words from a generation we gave everything too? But this is surely the real meaning that the keepers of the Uranus/Neptune conjunction in Capricorn have to get to; a deep examination of the fundamental axioms of Capricorn. And in doing so, they will tear down the wheel house of the Titanic and alter its course, hopefully to miss the approaching iceberg.


Firstly they are here to change the fundamental vision and ideals of the whole human race. They have views on love, social structure, authority, values and religious beliefs that may be more realistic than anything we have seen in the last half of the 20th century. These views are entangled with a mystical yearning so strong; they will endure hardship to pursue it. Many are extremely self sufficient, but their preferred isolation is really a determination to remain uncontaminated and dismissive of their parental up-bringing.


They have a strong focus and will in time see the mystical power of the numinous in solid matter and the reality behind the perceived reality. Their minds are open to the fact that matter has intelligence, that divinity exists in a tree and the spiritual meaning of the universe can be found in quantum physics. Their unique view point allows them to accept that the nature of the Universe is not what it seems. They are desperately disappointed and disillusioned and will happily adapt to a new view of the Universe… in fact they can’t wait, it’s what they came here for.


They have new values for sacredness, loving and meaningful faith. They view the current world as too cold, disposable and lacking in spiritual appreciation and meaning. They are painfully aware of the current split between the clear, cold logic of science and the euphoria of fusion and harmony with a loving, compassionate and unconditional divinity. But they were meant to feel all this.


I am the mother of one of these children and I know how it feels to ask yourself where you went wrong and whether or not you could have done anything differently as a parent. To be honest, no, I don’t think any of us could. Not the children and not the parents. We get about 10 percent free will in this life; the rest is pretty much destined. It helps to work on self awareness and then at each crossroads you will select the most advantageous fork in the road and in this way one can make good progress heading in the right direction. That is good enough.


We need to recognise that struggle is absolutely necessary and part of life, and if we did anything wrong as the generation of parents who raised these children, we tried to protect them from struggle. However, if we had made them struggle without the latest electronic gadgets and designer clothes, but then provided a safe and loving haven from life’s austerity and hardship, would that have been the right thing to do? Maybe not, maybe we could never have got it right. They needed something else we didn’t understand. So how could we have provided the right kind of struggle? Maybe we were never meant to! Even if we had provided a perfect loving haven of care and sympathy…. that would have been wrong, because that means …. no struggle…. back to square one….


In any case, they are now creating their own struggle to pit themselves against. It is as well to let them get on with what they have to do… there is a time and place for all of us…. And we each have our own struggle to struggle with…


© Alison Chester-Lambert 2012.


Parts of this article appeared in the Astrological Journal 2011.