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Easter Island statues by midnight


Makemake, Dwarf Planet Update


The transiting Uranus opposition to Makemake in mid April 2009 gave us a few more clues as to the meaning of Makemake.



Written 21st April 2009







This is a follow-up to the previous Makemake article and although it is intended for astrologers and therefore assumes a familiarity with astropsychology, it does also assume that the reader has read the previous essay; since that background will be necessary to understand this addendum.


It goes without saying that Kuiper Belt Objects require careful and seasoned reflection. The remote distance of this exclusive and barely explored region is an obvious metaphor for the obscure, opaque, and enigmatic symbolism of its members. However, without the first steps of Demetra George we would not have the Asteroid Goddesses and without the inspired dedication of Melanie Reinhart we would not have Chiron. It is with timidity and humility that I therefore offer my early observations, which may be of some use as time goes by!




Transiting Uranus and Mars Opposition to Makemake, 11th – 14th April 2009.


Transiting Uranus can always be trusted to reveal and awaken latent symbolism when in opposition, and this opportunity presented itself during the second week of April in 2009. Makemake was retrograde at 24 degrees and 16 minutes of arc in Virgo when Uranus exactly opposed on the 11th April. This was further reinforced by an exact conjunction of Mars to Uranus on the 14th. Since this is only the second important transpersonal planet hit to Makemake since his discovery, it contained information that we should make note of. (The first being the transiting square from Pluto in late 2004 and 2005, which is when Makemake was discovered.)


The reader will of course be aware that Uranus transits, unlike those of Pluto and Neptune, tend to signify events that happen when this planet is exact and so we turn to the World news headlines on that day.


Amazingly, the big world news item of the day was the piracy taking place in the seas around the country of Somalia on the Horn of Africa and in fact this item ran for the next 5 days as Mars approached and conjuncted Uranus. Closer to home, the story in England was the blockade of Channel ports by the French fishermen who wanted to protest about fishing quotas imposed to try to save stocks of fish. Pretty impressive astrology huh?




Makemake, Seafaring and Piracy.


According to BBC World news on the 11th April¹ there were no less than 4 separate pirate incidents taking place on that day. Somali pirates had taken a tugboat with 16 mainly Italian crewmembers on board; French troops took part in the rescue of a yacht from pirate control; and a Panama bulk carrier repulsed pirates with water hoses.


However, the biggest story was the kidnap of an American captain for ransom. Capt Phillips had offered himself as a hostage in order to secure the release of his crew and ship, the Maersk Alabama.


This was the biggest story in the U.S. with the Defence Secretary declaring it his “top priority”. In a strange twist to the tale and as if to reinforce the Makemake synchronicity, Capt Phillips had jumped over board to try to swim for safety but had been recaptured. This is reminiscent of the Easter Island tale in which a kidnapped Islander jumped from a slave ship and swam for days to return to his home where he became legendary. As Mars got within 1 degree of the Uranus/Makemake opposition Captain Phillips was released unharmed. It is apparently usual for the kidnapped individuals to be well looked after until a ransom is paid. The pirates want money so it is not in their interests to kill their hostages. They take them to restaurants and wait whilst their contacts in London (lawers and negotiators in the world`s maritime capital) haggle over the ransom fees and then send regular couriers with the money. Apparantly, it's a whole industry.²


The pirates are skilled and stealthy sailors who operate over hundreds of miles of ocean and it is interesting to note that the world’s navies have a hard time locating the pirates while the pirates have no problem locating suitable ships to board whilst evading the navies. The emergence of this story strengthens the association between Makemake and skilful seafaring. The odd bit is the piracy, but the Easter Islanders had formidable pilfering skills and thieving was one of their greatest delights so it is not too big a leap to piracy. It's still taking what you want without permission and for personal gain. It will be interesting to see if Makemake`s association with this type of thievery is confirmed on Uranus's second hit.




Makemake Rules Imposed Fishing Quotas


In England and France the big story was the blockade of channel ports (again) by French fishermen who wished to be compensated for the tightening of fishing quotas that would hopefully prevent fishing stocks from being wiped out completely. We now have a very clear significator for the imposition of taboo or sanctions placed on sea fishing.




Makemake`s Natal Meaning


During the transiting event in question, Uranus was trining the natal Makemake of those born between 1952 and 1955 – the baby boomers. The time when those in the UK were given financial benefits to have babies and increase the population after the war years. And so the population boomed.


This generation were expressing their sexual freedom in the late 1970's ... or earlier.... and this was also a time when fashion blurred sexual boundaries. Men styled their long hair and wore similar clothes to females.




Makemake and Population Controls


His involvement with the issue of Population control has surprised me, but it was one of the news issues that come up during the first exact Uranus opposition. Sir David Attenborough, the world-renowned naturalist and T.V. presenter has been appointed a patron of the Optimum Population Trust. He said:


“There are three times as many people in the world as when I started making television programmes only a mere 56 years ago. It is frightening. We can’t go on as we have been. We are seeing the consequences in terms of ecology, atmospheric pollution and in terms of the space and food production. I’ve never seen a problem that wouldn’t be easier to solve with fewer people, or harder, and ultimately impossible, with more. Population is reaching its optimum and the world cannot hold an infinite number of people,”³


Roger Martin, the Chairman of the organisation says this:


“All serious environmentalists know perfectly well that population growth, exploding in the 20th century, has been a key driver of every environmental problem. It's a fact, not an opinion, that total human impact is the average per person multiplied by the number of people.


“Yet for far too long, governments and environmental NGOs have observed a taboo - invented in the 1980s by a bizarre coalition of the religious right and the liberal left - on stating this obvious fact. So they keep on implying that our numbers can grow forever with no ill effects. It's a ‘silent lie’ and by encouraging us to ignore the vital need to stabilise our numbers by humane means (contraception) before nature does it for us by inhumane, natural means (famine, disease, war) this absurd taboo betrays our children.”4


This is a contentious issue and a sobering thought and it is not the task of this article to give opinion either way. Just sticking to the astrology, it is absolutely clear that Makemake`s energy represents this whole issue. We have clear signs of this in the history of Easter Island with some scientists arguing that over population caused enormous problems. However, they have since been proven wrong.




Swine Flu (written 30th April 2009)


There is an obvious correlation between the transiting Uranus opposition to Makemake and the Swine flu outbreak that was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organisation on April 29 2009.  The Easter Islanders had their population wiped out by European imported disease, so it is interesting that this time the disease started in Mexico in meso America, before spreading to Europe; a reversal of Easter Island's story.


Uranus will make the second hit at the beginning of September 2009 and his third in March 2010. Out of the 5 hits, the 2nd to 4th will be the most intense and revealing whilst the 5th will just tidy up matters.  It is my guess that the pandemic warning of April will simply be a taste of the bigger event which is scheduled for September.  If the world is over populated, then we are due to witness an un-avoidable natural correction at some point and when we do, Makemake will symbolise this in astrology.


As usual for transpersonal transits, the entire period between the first and last hit will render that part of the zodiac sensitive, and any interaction by the Sun, Moon or Mars will bring up the issues involved.  So keep your eye on 24/25 degrees of the Mutible cross.



So why no Swineflu epidemic? Written April 2010


Because Saturn got in between Makemake and the Earth and stopped his influence.  This is the second time I have seen an Inner planet protect us when getting into a conjunction.  The population became very scared and typical Saturnian paranoia set in as he approached, but once he got within 1 degree of Makemake ....everything stopped.  The pandemic receded and it all went quiet. Possibly Saturn signified the hard work and rigid protection that had been put in place.  Or if you believe in our gods, as I do, he simply stepped in to save us.  Thank you.


Copyright Alison Chester-Lambert 2009






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