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 Starry Messengers


Alison's first book was a limited first edition and that has now sold out. But it was re-published as the `Future in the Stars` and there are still a few personally signed copies of this for sale.

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TThe Future in the Stars 


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Starry Messengers


The Astrology Reading Cards



The limited first edition of Alison's first book, `Starry Messengers`. Only 300 were ever printed of this and the edition cannot be repeated. It is about the discovery of a whole new region of the Solar System and what that means for the human race in the 21st century.


It was written for all to understand, including those who do not know astrology. However it has also been hailed as a classic text for astrologers by the Astrological Journal of the UK and Dell Horoscopes of the USA.


It contains exhaustive research into the discovery and naming of the Dwarf Planets in the Kuiper Belt during the first few years of the 21st century. And it lays down a baseline for all spiritual seekers and astrologers in the future. 


Due to the amazing testimonials and comments of astrologer Pam Gregory, this edition has now SOLD OUT.

However, in 2011, it was re-edited by Findhorn Press and sold under the new title of the Future in the Stars.....





can only be bought here. It too is out-of-print, but I still have about 30 copies for sale.


The price remains at £10 plus postage.


Unfortunately, the cost of postage is rising faster than I can make the changes to this website, so to buy a SIGNED copy:


email me at and I will send you a pro-forma Paypal invoice for the cost of the book and the latest postage charges.


You can pay this using any debit or credit card and then I will post you the book. I can fulfill world-wide requests.





A deck of beautifully crafted cards with all the power of astrology and hailed as the most game-changing cards to be produced in the last decade. They have professional, accurate astrology, clear simple instructions and astoundingly powerful illustrations. An all-time classic deck.


The Astrology Reading Cards (the ARC) have quickly established themselves as one of the most popular divinatory decks of recent years. Alison created the impossible – an easy to understand pack which harnesses the ancient, archetypal energies of astrology into an incredibly accurate divinatory tool.







The Greeks took divination very seriously. It was important to seek information about circumstances and the future and then implore the gods to change anything unwanted. All things are energy and have a corresponding deity which has to be understood and cajoled with offerings and attention.


This incredibly rich and diverse spiritual world was captured by artists of the day and artists since. The moving and exquisite imagery in this deck of cards lays it all before us again, allowing those who are `open` to it, the opportunity to use Ancient Greek wisdom to understand things more clearly.