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Charon, Our Passport Into

The Underworld of ancient texts is the `dark` matter and `dark` energy recently discovered by scientists.  It`s a space/time dimension of quantum mechanics.

The `fall` of Man, or the Big Bang, is when our Universe fell out of the quantum chaos of the Multiverse and pre-existence into the order of the world we know, It`s that simple!

There is no burning hell-hole of purgatory - the religious teachings of the past 2,000 years were wrong.  The discovery of Charon the planet, named after the ferryman who took souls into the Underworld, symbolises how we are due to know the real truth about the Underworld.  The Ferryman has come to show us what is there.

Let`s start at the begining......
In August 2006, astrology was given a new worldview. The announcement of a new class of dwarf planets implied far reaching changes in the collective that will be bigger than anything we have never known. And whilst Sedna and Eris have been easy to give meaning to, the announcement that Pluto`s moon, Charon, also might be considered a dwarf planet, has caught many by surprise. What does this mean? And how can we recognise what Charon means if we can`t separate it from Pluto?

Perhaps we should look firstly at the myths about Charon. We are told he was the son of Erebus, (primordial darkness) and his sister Nyx, (night). Eros was also born out of this pair, so it can`t be that bad! So he came out of a family that were there in the creation, but are invisible to us. And, of course, we are scared of that we can`t see. He is a ferryman who takes the souls of the dead across a river into the Underworld. Importantly he will only take those souls who have had the proper burial rites, i.e. they must be actually dead, and he expects coins for this service. In the past, a coin used to be placed under the tongue of the deceased. In the myth, those who haven`t got these coins are forced to wander the banks of the river for 100 years. (Better get yourself some coins then!...more of this later)

The dwarf planets, Pluto and Charon, are locked into each other with their two faces joined together, as if with an invisible shaft joins them. Like a giant dumbbell spinning in space. We are being asked to understand that the most powerful force in astrology is now two, not one. That Pluto has another face, and that there is another side to this energy.

Pluto was discovered in 1930 and was considered for many years to be the farthest planet from our Sun, and certainly the smallest, at only 70% the size of our Moon.  He was named after the Roman name for the Lord of the Underworld.  (Not the Walt Disney cartoon dog!)

In the early 1930`s science was also getting `smaller` with breakthroughs in sub-atomic science, the splitting of the atom, and the theoretical discovery of a force or energy that makes up more than two thirds of the energy and matter in the Universe or Galaxy….. but they couldn`t say what it was. The science was so hard to understand and explain, the journalists and public gave a yawn and turned to the sports page!

However, they all woke up when the new scientific understanding led to an atom bomb being dropped on Japan. Destruction on this scale was too much to contemplate, and the human race turned away from atomic power in the same way that it tries to avoid the Underworld.

Pluto symbolises the generative life force found in the Universe. The power that seeks to change and transform, and is found in the quantum realms and mysterious dark matter or energy.  And sure enough, the recent announcement about the planet has corresponded with advances in our awareness of sub atomic particles and the quantum creational stuff of the universe.

Scientific sources now tell us that an un-measurable, unfathomable, invisible sub atomic energy field makes up most of the universe, and that it holds the galaxies together and feeds it with trillions of signals per second. We are told that specific frequencies and patterns of electromagnetic radiation regulate all life in the universe.

This `dark` or invisible energy pours of the Sun, and the center of the galaxy, where Pluto and Charon spend some time in 2006 to 2008, so we should see some major breakthroughs in atomic science then. These breakthroughs in sub-atomic science may well lead to discoveries that mean we can harness a natural power source built into the so-called `empty` space, of an atom or our galaxy, and this would truly transform our world.a soul getting into the Ferry and paying Charon. Behind is Mercury with his staff bearing a winding serpent.

CHANGE AND TRANSFORMATION                             

The `Underworld` is not just the place our soul returns to when we die, it is also a metaphor for a time in our lives when we are taken out of our nice safe existence, and plunged into a frightening realm of change and instability. In the myth, Persephone was the sweet and dutiful daughter of Demeter, and they both resisted the idea of Persephone growing into womanhood. The other gods didn`t like this, they know that the cycle of time must prevail and everything must evolve and grow. So Pluto was told and he kidnapped Persephone, and took her down to the Underworld in his chariot, where he made her his wife and Queen of the Underworld.

The Pluto process means that we cannot go back and have something as it was before. It has undergone irrevocable change, and something cannot be recovered. Pluto is a power that ensures things grow into what they must become; they cannot be frozen in time. Pluto demands change and evolution, but this energy is not naturally destructive for the sake of it, it has a purpose. The growth of the human race and the whole of life itself is at stake. No one life can stay the same.

Persephone could not ever recover her virginity and return to how she was, BUT she had been transformed into being a Queen and consort, and she did get to live in the Upperworld with Mum as well as rule the Underworld.


The serpent is an old symbol for Scorpio, the Zodiac sign that Pluto rules. From the ancient Egyptians through to the Greeks and modern times, the serpent has always represented healing and medicine along with procreation and the cycle of life. (Still today, a staff with a serpent wound around it - the caduceus - symbolises our medical services.)  In ancient Egypt, magical transformation and healing were taken as the same thing. They would invoke the healing power of the mind with chants and spells whilst tending the ill, which reminds us that Scorpio is also the sign of magic. Magic is extreme and unbelievable change and transformation.

Intense and powerful life changes and events have an amazing potential to take us into higher states of consciousness, and this is truly one of Pluto`s possible riches.  They give us the coins to pay the ferryman....again, more of that later.

And if we need more reminders of how Pluto and Scorpio have exceptionally good stuff to offer about Kundalini fact just sex itself...the orgasm of which the Victorians called the "little death".


The changes to the status of the planets Pluto-Charon means we may now come to a new spiritual understanding of the afterlife, and for this we can look at how the ancients viewed it.

The Egyptians did not fear the underworld; a look at the Book of the Dead will reveal no gory scenes of hell fires and stricken souls! Their word for God and dead is the same, `netjer`, and the dead and the gods were all in the same realm or dimension. They certainly did not see death as the end or final.  They prepared for further living, in fact!
The Egyptians were capable of inducing catatonic states of near death that allowed them to ascend the soul into the Underworld and back again, and they called this being `re-born`. After they had done this, they no longer feared death again.

Pre-Christian Greeks weren`t mithered about the presence of the Underworld either.  It hardly featured in the vases and pots of the time.  There is one rare one that shows the winged souls of the dead pouring their memories (water) into a big collective pot of memories and that`s about it.  The scene is very tranquil.

I think this can`t be emphasised enough - that before the arrival of the major religions of today, we accepted death more easily because it wasn`t final, we were going to be re-born again, and it didn`t involve torture, pugatory and burning vats of hell fire with a little red imp, with horns and a pointy tail!

According to Greek myth, Charon the ferryman allowed a soul to pass from the underworld back to the living, if Persephone had furnished them with a golden bough, which she only gave to those who understood `duality`. Persephone herself moved between the dark of the Underworld and the light of the Earth.
Charon`s arrival into astrological awareness says that Pluto is now two, or has a dual purpose or meaning. So the Underworld can now be seen as having different aspects to it.  Quantum physics actually predicts 11 different dimensions!  The ancient Egyptian Underworld was dual in nature, with Osiris as the good guy and Seth as the bad.  And they told us how to avoid Seth in some of their texts.

Interestingly, the Pyramid texts, written in Egypt over 5,000 years ago, contains details of a fantastic journey though the stars (Something like the `Stargate SG1` program on Sky 1 actually!) into another realm and they often comment on the presence of, and protection of a `ferryman`, along with that of a serpent.

Charon to the right, with Mercury leading the `soul` to him.WHAT DOES DUALITY MEAN?

Duality was highly prized by the Ancient Egyptians, and they used the serpent to symbolize it. So what is duality about and why is it important?

Well, to start with, the dictionary says that duality means having two parts, functions or aspects.

This might be useful because we don`t know what anything is, until we can see the difference. If we live in perpetual light, how do we know what dark is? Only after it has turned dark do we notice the difference and ask, “What was it that has gone missing? What`s this that I am in now?”

The ability or faculty to think about the meaning of opposites gives a framework in which we can use free will to organise and balance our lives. If you can see that this is white, but you want to be more black, you can use absolute black and absolute white as your outer markers, and aim for dark or light grey, depending on your choice. Having duality, or two parts, functions or aspects, to choose from or measure by, is giving us choice.

Then we discriminate, we think this way, then that way. We analyse and develop intelligence and intuition along the way. We create opportunity and then we destroy it when it is past it`s sell by date. We use the energy of Pluto to build and dismantle.

And why is that important?

There are millions of souls on a spiral journey of evolution, and they must all contribute to a rising of the universal collective `mind` into higher consciousness. Our separate bits of knowledge and understanding are gathered together to move the whole of life onto higher planes of awareness.  (Pluto is the life force that actually regulates the amount of souls on each plain or level of the journey.)


It works like this. As we go through our lives, we collect experience and wisdom and this is held in our soul. When we die, our soul passes in to the Underworld (or other dimension) where it pours this wisdom and experience into the collective pool of knowledge, and then `drinks` from it before it is sent out again for the next re-birth. And as this happens, with birth, death and re-birth in a never-ending cycle, it improves and refines life, raising it through higher and finer grades of existence.

We are told this in the very earliest of texts, attributable to the God Hermes or Thoth in Ancient Egypt. These were written in 510B.C.E.

The coins we have to pay the Ferryman in the myth are the pearls of wisdom we have gained in our lives. Remember in the myth if we don`t have enough coins to pay the ferryman, we are left to wander the banks of the river for a time? The more often we grow and evolve through the crisis and change which Pluto`s world invokes, the more often we benefit by having the right amount of coins. In Greek, the word Pluto comes from the word plouton, which means wealth or rich.

For 40 years very little was discovered in our Solar System. Then in between 2003 and 2006 we discovered stuff at an amazing rate. It means the human race is leaping forward in spiritual understanding too. The ferryman clearly thinks the time has come for us to understand the Multiverse, which we are told holds wealth and richness. The payoffs will be: a source of atomic power that is safe for us and our planet; scientific understanding of other dimensions and an understanding of our creation.

Charon has brought us a whole new journey.

© Alison Chester-Lambert. November 2006


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