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Chaotic, random and seemingly unrelated……...but they`re all in the same `place` so they must be related. Experts consider them to be magical formulae and “not coherent”. They make constant reference to the cosmos and another invisible world that is intertwined with ours. It is accepted that the Sun and an invisible life force are central to existence, and there is constant affirmation of the greatness and power of heaven, or the `other` existence. The universe is seen as an ocean and made of water.

So say the Pyramid texts, the very earliest of all our ancient writings.

Now let`s look at recent evidence from scientific sources.

Chaotic, random and seemingly unrelated…….but they`re all in the same `place` so they must be related. The magical and incoherent world of quantum theory and particle physics formulae. The scientists now talk of the existence of a universe in which each particle has an unseen partner. There is another world, a world hidden from view, which co-exists with ours. A parallel universe that is intertwined with ours. The Sun pumps out an invisible life force that is central to existence, and the scientists now use words like waves, ocean and liquid to describe the universe.

Sound familiar?

The Oldest Sacred Texts in the World

The oldest sacred texts that we have are the Pyramid Texts. They are inscribed on the walls of rooms under the pyramids of Sakkara in Egypt. And these texts tell us that they were copied from even earlier documents, before 3,000B.C.E. In the main, the texts don`t make much sense. Often just single sentences or words with no context.

Contrary to what the Egypt `experts` would have us believe, it is clear these texts were not intended for a person who has ceased to exist. They are very much about living…..but..... life in another world or dimension! Perhaps, the 4th dimension. The one the particle physicists have now found. The texts describe how to get there, what to expect and how to avoid the pitfalls. The problem is, we can`t understand them yet! The first translation was done in 1952 by Samuel Mercer, a theologist who did his best, and then Faulkner had a go, but they were both as hopelessly out of their depth as an infant handling the Large Hadron Collider of elementary particle physics!

The Pyramid Texts `look` different. They fill the walls from floor to ceiling with fierce precision and exactness, and look mystifyingly `samey`! Fascinating, yes….but look at them from a distance, when you can no longer see the artistic detail in the bird carvings, and you can just tell they are………..well,………. boring…like only a complicated maths or physics formulae can be. Full of exact measuring and authoritative balance….…but stuffy, and…….well……. boring! Sometimes the same thing is written over and over again. Why? No vibrant colors, no charming pictures, just rows and rows of the same `writing`.

Symbols Having Different Layers of Meaning

The hieroglyphs are symbols…not words or letters. They can be read as words or letters…but they can also be read on many other levels. They speak to technicians in their own language. The truly awesome power of the hieroglyphs is that they will lend themselves to interpretation through the eye of the shaman, the psychologist or the physicist. Because they all simply have different ways of viewing the SAME world and it`s invisible forces! The hieroglyphs have multiple levels of meaning.

The age-old science of astrology demonstrates the ambiguity of a glyph. Let`s take one symbol or glyph, that of the planet Mercury, º. This can mean lungs, sibling, short journey, neighbourhood, communication, thoughts, the metal mercury, speech, the god Hermes….….and loads more!

Ancient Egypt is in the hands of Egyptologists who spend so much time looking down at sand and clay, their thinking turns to concrete and they can`t `imagine` a different possibility. They don`t take the content of the texts seriously, passing it off as magical funeral gibberish. However, a retired physics teacher, C. Harvey, asserts that the grammar and alphabet of the hieroglyphs has a scientific form that is extremely programmable, so the super computers of the scientific community should be able to make some sense of it. However, the scientists don`t yet know it could be important. They are too busy smashing atoms together in underground laboratories to go on holiday and get curious about the Ancient Egyptian underground laboratories….which are probably just as interesting as their own!

It only remains for a passing particle physicist to read this and pick up the baton! He may find the mathematical formulae for reaching the 4th dimension!

In the mean time, let`s look at the Pyramid Texts in the light of recent scientific advancements.


A staggering 95% of the Universe can`t be found! Let`s REALLY absorb that fact. All the matter that we know of in the WHOLE universe amounts to less than 5% of it! The rest, 95%, is invisible – another world or dimensions, a parallel universe – and that`s a fact. If the whole thing is a loaf of bread…...everything we know, including all the stars and planets are in just one slice of bread…..out of a loaf of 20 slices! There may be as many as 11 other dimensions, but it has been proven that there is at least a 4th dimension.

And after thousands of years of being told space was an empty and dead vacuum, we have at last got proof that it is far from this, and in fact it seriously matches the quaint old descriptions that these old texts provide. They saw the Universe as teeming with huge different forces and energies….. and we now know they were right! It`s almost as if they knew that the power that controls the universe came out of black holes and stars. And now we know that it does, but these days the scientists substitute the word `force` for star or god, and `dark` for invisible or Underworld (as in `dark` matter or `dark` energy. Funny the scientists use the word `dark` to describe Underworld - religions have always said the Underworld was dark!) 

The spectacle of the night canopy in Egypt has to be seen to be believed. The stars and the planets are breathtakingly stunning and incredibly beautiful. Most of the peasant houses to this day still have no roofs, so they go to sleep under them. My point being that they are NOT scared of them. In fact it seems pretty benign, and definitely not deadly.

So why do the texts go to so much trouble to warn of all the many potential threats that can`t be seen in the beautiful sky? They tell of a journey, and mostly refer to celestial locations and routes a traveller or king must take.  The journey is obviously complex, and that is the reason for the painstaking detail. There is much talk of a heaven star-god, Osiris, and a sun god, RÂ.

Preparations For a Journey Are Made.

“Re‘ and Thot, take (the traveler?) with you…….that he may sit on that which ye sit,………that he may voyage in that wherein ye voyage” (210) and they go off to the night sky to “reeds” and “marshes”.
Then, very clearly, “thou didst not depart dead; thou didst depart living,” (213). They travel “regions” and “secret places” and he has to “beware of the ocean”. The “dew of the stars” purifies him.

I don`t think this could be any clearer, “thou didst not depart dead, thou didst depart living”. It seems quite clear to me that the traveler is alive!

He is then told very clearly he is not perishable, and that the imperishable stars have carried him away. The stars are always interchangeable with people; they are star persons. WE call famous people `stars`, so why shouldn`t they have?  Where did we get the term `star` when referring to a famous person?

In 216, the evening boat comes for him and he is enveloped by something “pure and living” in the horizon. Apparently he is “cool” and it is all very pleasing.

The Ka of the Ancients and the Invisible Body or Super-Partner of Physics

Current evidence proves the existence of an invisible partner for every particle of mass in the known world! That means for every cell in your body, there is another, invisible cell attached to it. Physics calls this `super symmetry` and the invisible partner a `super-partner`. There is a mirror image, invisible world, right there with us.
In Utterance 215. “…… there is no god, a star, who has not his companion…..“ Does this mean a knowledge of the presence of the invisible partner to everything?

Again, the traveler is told that himself and his ka have not died. (215) “O Imperishable. Thou perishest not, thy ka perishes not, thou art a ka”
According to Dr Goelet, the ka is a person`s double, a “spiritual body within the physical body… a vital energy.” It is represented in hieroglyphs by a pair of up stretched arms, which receive food and victuals. I think it likely that the ka receives the `nourishment` from the forces and currents that emerge undetected from the 4th dimension or Ether. These control and unify the cosmic `life` energy.

It is proven that tiny particles from the Sun called neutrinos, and electromagnetic forces or waves carry some kind of `intelligence` to us. The texts refer to the “messengers” that come from the Sun.  136b.” The messengers of thy ka are come for thee; the messengers of thy father are come for thee; the messengers of Re‘ are come for thee.”
Re is the Sun God, and these neutrinos come out of the Sun.

The journey continues and I include now some of the interesting pieces of text. If you study them thoughtfully, they contain some colorful images:
(222) thou appearest with thy father Atum, distress disappears. The midwife of Heliopolis (holds) thy head. Thou ascendest, thou openest thy way through the bones of Shu; (God of the Air) thou envelopest thyself in the embrace of thy mother Nut; (Sky Goddess) thou purifiest thyself in the horizon, thou puttest away thine impurity in the lakes of Shu.
He then rises and sets several times with the Sun and the stars of Isis and Nephthys, whilst being in a boat. Finally he is told he is master of himself, above all others. He has risen in stature and become content “in the embrace of Atum.”

He then wakes up, has “a thousand mugs of beer” and a feast, and is celebrated. He now has command of all the “regions” and true spiritual enlightenment.
245 His two wings are grown as a falcon; His ba has brought him (here); his magic power has equipped him. Thou openest thy place in heaven, among the stars of heaven;
A wonderful spaced out crazy journey then happens which is full of offerings and protection.
He is a (261) “wide-outstretched, a blinding light, a flame before the winds to the ends of heaven and to the end of the earth. as soon as the arms of the lightning are emptied….He travels through Shu and strides through…separating the tempest.” We are then told that “the fury of the great sea has avoided him. His fare is not accepted in the great ship;”

Now this may sound bonkers…(but that hasn`t stopped me so far)…arms of lightening? Blinding light? Ends of heaven?…..sounds to me like a stargate journey out of the T.V. series `Stargate SG1`, where they are whipped through a silvery tunnel!

The Ferryman and a `New` Planet

(263) Two reed floats of heaven then take him over the horizon to the four spirits. In order to protect him “The Marshes of Reeds were filled (with water), so that (the traveler) might ferry over the Winding Watercourse.” A ferryman is provided.

This is interesting since 2006 saw the announcement of a new `planet` called Charon, a close twin of Pluto. In myth, Charon is the Ferryman who guides the souls into Pluto`s realm. A new planet in astrology always means the raising into collective consciousness of the issues of that planetary meaning. The arrival of Charon the `planet`, can only mean the awakening of information to do with our access and understanding of the `other` realm or Underworld.

In astrology, and in Egypt, the 4th dimension or Underworld is represented by a serpent. The texts say this
240 The uraeus-serpent belongs to heaven; the centipede of Horus belongs in the earth. And they say of the serpent that: … for thou art indeed the mysterious, the hidden, as the gods call thee, because thou hast no legs, because thou hast no arms…
In astrology Pluto symbolizes the 4th dimension or Underworld. The old symbol for Scorpio, the Zodiac sign which is ruled by Pluto is that of a serpent. The new symbol is a scorpion.
The texts mention the serpent and the scorpion often: 227 serpent, this is said to thee. scorpion, this is said to thee:
In the myth, Pluto always wears a mask of invisibility when he leaves the Underworld. I believe that this alludes to the fact that Pluto rules this invisible 4th dimension of quantum physics and `dark` matter and `dark` energy.
(230) "Heaven is protected magically; earth is protected magically; the `manly` who is behind mankind is protected magically. The god whose head is blind is protected magically; thou thyself, scorpion, art protected magically.”
The god whose head is blind could be compared to Pluto`s mask of invisibility. In any case I like the reference to magic, since in astrology Scorpio rules magic!

Cosmos as Water
There are very many references to heaven, the celestial sky and water. There is no doubt that they saw the Cosmos as being water.
A question that comes to me over and over again is why? Why should these ancient people have thought that the sky was made of water? There is nothing that we see from Earth that could have possibly given them that opinion. But here are just two of the constant references:

379. Thy water is in heaven; thy thousands are on earth;
392.The water of (the traveler?) is in heaven; the people of (the traveler?) are on earth. And, 136a. O King, beware of the ocean.

The science of today now talks of the Cosmos and Universe as if it were water. Because the cosmos is filled with invisible substances, it is definitely more like an ocean than a vacuum. They speak of cosmic waves for instance, and the latest theory says the Universe is an invisible liquid state. How did the Egyptians know this?
The `Winding Watercourse` of the Egyptians and the Newly Found Highways of the Cosmos
340d. so that the King might ferry over the Winding Watercourse (of the heavens)

Listen to this from American Scientific magazine in March 2007:
“A large scale map of the universe would look like a map of the U.S. highway system. Galaxies line up in filaments that criss-cross intergalactic space like freeways. At the crossroads, where multiple filaments converge, are clusters of galaxies: the cosmic megacities.”

The texts see the journey being on clearly defined “watercourses” and “canals” (504) where the traveler can avoid some spaces, but feel relaxed in others.
Can the Two Lands have Another Meaning as Well?

I believe it entirely possible that the Egyptologist`s interpretation of the symbols for Upper and Lower Egypt could also be taken as metaphors for the invisible world, and the world of matter. Perhaps these are the two lands mentioned here:

Utterance 81 “Cause thou the two lands to bow to (the traveler?), as they bow to Horus. Cause the two lands to fear (the traveler?), as they fear Set. ……

The Egyptians always sought to mirror the Cosmos, as they did when they built the pyramids, so why not?

Some thoughts….

This HUGE connection with the stars, a complete identification and personification is something we have disconnected from in the last 5,000 years. We have grown away from the belief that we are one with them. These texts say over and over again that we can travel to and through them. That we can astral travel. That these are `forces` to experience, and we can really do it……and here`s how…..

Steven Weinberg says “Sometimes…physicists get the feeling there is something behind the blackboard, some deeper truth foreshadowing a final theory.”pyramid texts from Teti`s tomb

Take a few moments to look at this photograph of the texts.  All those birds!  Remember dawn in springtime?  How the birds sing valiantly and demandingly of the new dawn?  The pyramid birds are waiting to sing to us…….and how much they have to tell us of the new dawn!!

Alison Chester-Lambert ©
March 2007


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