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composite picture of the route the tunnel takes, for ref:see below 
The Large Hadron Collider and Pluto

As I write this, we are witnessing the launch of the most ambitious experiment that science has ever taken on. It is a project involving the largest machine ever built, called the Large Hadron Collider (L.H.C.), and it`s mission is to discover tiny, invisible `dark` particles of energy that will inform us of parallel universes and other dimensions.

Pluto is the planet that represents atomic power and is also the ruler of the dark, invisible realms.  It is unsurprising, therefore, that the whole project was synchronous with Pluto from the beginning, and it is interesting to compare the movements of both.

But first of all, let`s look at what the L.H.C. actually does!

If you can remember back to school science lessons (ok, maybe not!), you will remember that matter is made up of molecules with smaller bits inside called atoms. Then, in the last century it was found that these were made of even smaller bits - sub-atoms – leading us to the phrase `sub-atomic`. Atoms have a bit in the middle called a nucleus, hence the term nuclear energy. The nucleus is one hundred thousandth the width of an atom and made up of even smaller particles called protons and some very strange energies and invisible or `dark` bits. This is the world of `particle` physics, and also where the word `quantum` comes in.

Although the table in front of you looks and feels quite solid, this is something of a mystery, because when they /media/images/user-images/2073/lhc-1.jpglook deep into the heart of an atom there isn`t much solid stuff in it. Putting it into bigger proportions, the nucleus of an atom is like a fly in a cathedral – there is an awful lot of empty-looking space. And further more, they can`t understand how or why the arrangement stays in place, it seems as if un-detectable, invisible stuff must also be present because more substance or mass is needed to explain how all the spinning bits stay together. The theory is that there are invisible `dark` particles making the whole thing work. This unseen, undetectable matter is actually in a 4th dimension that intertwines with ours.

The L.H.C. has been constructed to find these dark particles, and properly understand them. The scientists have caught tantalising glimpses of them in previous experiments in smaller machines, but now, paradoxically, to see even smaller, they need an even bigger machine! The obsessive curiosity that drives this is that fact that 96% of the known universe is missing and is made up of these dark particles. After adding up all the mass of the stars, galaxies, gas and planets (including everything on Earth) in the Universe, they worked out that it only makes up 4% of the amount of stuff that should be there to keep it where it is, and stop it flying apart. The rest is assumedly made up of the dark particles.

(One is called the Higgs Boson or `God` particle. Higgs himself dislikes the term `God` - he is an atheist - but he doesn`t want to upset those who are religious.)

/media/images/user-images/2073/lhctunnel.jpgTo find the dark particles, they send beams of energy with particles of `real` matter in it whizzing round inside the circular tube of the L.H.C. at the speed of light. Then they send another one in the opposite direction. Periodically these smash into each other, and large detectors measure the energy that is released. Measuring this released energy tells them about the dark particles in the other dimension. (There will be a bigger dying energy signature than can be accounted for by the `real` matter.)

Otherwise they would have to hang around waiting for these dark particles to pop in and out of our existence randomly, as they so often do, but like buses, the little buggers just won`t turn up when expected!

Now to return to Pluto!                                                                                             from

One of the most obvious symbols of relationship between Pluto and the L.H.C. is the shape. It is a 27 km long tunnel formed into a circle, and the beams it produces go around and around inside it. Not only is this the shape of the number O, which is the sacred number of Pluto, the circle is also the symbol of the cycle of life.  Pluto is the symbol that represents the underlying code of nature that gives us the birth-growth-wither-death and re-birth cycle of life.  She regulates the amount of souls on the separate bits of the journey.  I say `she` because, despite the name, Pluto is a feminine or Yin energy.  You`ll have to read my forth-coming book for more information on that!

Another obvious synchronicity with Pluto is the L.H.C.`s physical position, buried deep within the bowels of the Earth – a real under-world!

In 1995 Pluto moved into Sagittarius, which is the part of the sky most associated with the search for the TRUTH and the spiritual meaning of life. When Pluto moves through any Zodiac sign it is expected that world wide events will focus on the meanings of that sign, and certainly the quest and journey that sub atomic physics has been on has been very descriptive of Sagittarius, with huge leaps into wild, un-bridled theories and breakthroughs.

The European consortium that built the L.H.C. reported that their energy capacity for sub-atomic research doubled as Pluto moved into Sagittarius “opening up important new discovery domains.”(1)  Sagittarius describes higher spiritual learning, and the seeking of the vision of the Divine. During the years that Pluto was in this sign, from 1995 to 2008, the L.H.C. was being built with a vision of the possibility of finding the origins of life.

In 2006 things began to get really exciting. Pluto lined up between the Earth and the center of our galaxy, which is in the last few degrees of Sagittarius. This point is known in astrology to be immensely powerful - there is a large black hole there in reality - and it had the effect of plugging Pluto energy into the national grid. All the digging and building work at the L.H.C. ended and they actually started installing and operating the very high voltage, massive machines that would enable their sub-atomic research.

by Kenn Brown and Chris Wren, Mondolithic Studios, for NewScientistFor the next 2 years, from 2006 to 2008, all sorts of milestones and early experimental achievements were completed, and the project really came together. Then, as Pluto stood for the last few days close to the galactic center, the first beams of energy were officially sent all the way around the ring at the L.H.C. for the first time and the machine started up. The timing of the 2 events was incredibly co-incidental, and as if to confirm the astrological importance, our Moon also joined Pluto there for a few hours. Her quiet and reflective light providing the calm before the storm of worldwide media attention the next day.

The press coverage before the inauguration invoked the usual responses that Pluto tends to have on people. Some embraced the future possibilities with excitement........some ignored it for now (but the changes will come anyway)................. and others became fearful of catastrophe and tried to prevent it all happening with legal challenges. These ultimately failed, as any challenge to Pluto`s mighty power will!

It was interesting to see that the P.R. people in charge began selling the project with the line that they were attempting to re-create the moment after the Big Bang. This might be true enough, but it glossed over the fact that they were looking for evidence of energy disappearing into other dimensions. The `other dimensions` talk had frightened the press and public into thinking that the Earth was going to disappear into a black hole, so this aspect of the research became underplayed.

The Zodiac sign after Sagittarius is Capricorn, and Pluto will move fully into this earth sign in November 2008. Since this is when the L.H.C. intends to smash ions of lead together, it seems amazing that this should happen just at the time that Pluto moves into the Zodiac sign most associated with lead and dense matter. Capricorn is the highest initiation of matter and the earth element, and is ruled by Saturn - the planet that ruled the outer limits of our known world for thousands of years. Those `outer limits` are a frontier that will be well and truly smashed in the 21st century!

Oh .....and one more thing........ the LHC has an agenda.  A set of dates that they expect to able to get certain results in.  And guess when they will be expecting to access the 4th dimension?  Yep...............2012! (2)

Alison Chester-Lambert copyright 2008. 

        This excerpt is taken from the forthcoming book called `Starry Messengers`.


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