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Effects of Uranus Pluto Square in Late September 2012

Posted on 3rd October, 2012

Aha! This entered so quietly, I almost missed it. One of the news items of the last few days, whilst the Uranus Pluto square was so `activated` was the news that 4G has had a breakthrough - the law suits and legal wrangles will now stop and its full steam ahead. This doesn't sound like much does it? You are probably about to shrug and move on.... but consider this....

The IT infrastructure of the nation is now probably more important than our motorways. The boom of the last 20 years was almost entirely down to improved communications that facilitated more consumerism. OK, it allowed credit to cross national borders and become less person-centred and less responsible.... this is true, but it also allowed greater awareness of products and easier payments for things. Credit cards, Paypal and faster movement of money all helped people and companies to sell more.

Slow/poor mobile IT performance is hampering our global competitiveness and cutting edge in the same way that shutting half our roads would. Germany, the USA and Sweden already have it and it is anticipated that 4G services will boost the UK's economy by around £2-3bn.

Now some may argue that this is a step in the wrong direction and we should be de-technologising, not upping our game. BUT the biggest gain will be in video conferencing, meaning that many road trips don't have to be made. Industry will communicate faster with less obvious physical wear and tear on the planet. This puts us on a par with the early birds catching the worms.

Clearly here we have a Uranus in Aries victory here, so what does Pluto in Capricorn think about it? I think Capricorn approves, this is infrastructure we are talking here and Pluto will help revolutionise that infrastructure. The Sun was coming into the Square from Libra at the time and anything that the Sun gets into is always bathed in positive energy.

Away we go then.... and just be careful where you are and what you are wearing when you answer the phone from next Summer! They will be able to see you.......

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