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Time Team's Stonehenge and Easter Island

Posted on 2nd June, 2009

The recent Time Team Stonehenge programme was interesting in itself, but more so when one looks at the history of the Easter Islanders. They too dragged massive single blocks (monoliths) of stone many miles and erected them.

On Easter Island, each was erected in memory of an ancestor and their bones were buried beneath. Time Team believes that Stonehenge monoliths represented the ancestors and their bones were buried within the circle. Each culture believed that the spirit of the ancestor could be represented by the stone. (Spirit can reside in matter - in fact it forms matter, just as energy or force forms particles and then atoms in quantum physics.)

On Easter Island they picked a natural feature which highlighted the Sun's rays on the Winter Solstice. This feature became the central focus of a yearly festival. At Stonehenge they picked a natural feature left by melting glacier water which allowed them to pin point the exact day of Winter Solstice.

The distance between these 2 places is over 9,000 miles, and any scientist would scoff at suggestions that they could converse or swop ideas of what to do with Grandma's bones as easily as we do now. But in the same way that similar myths occur in separate cultures all over the world, how strange that both cultures believed the same thing without reference to each other. Perhaps this is because, spiritually they are actually right. So just as 4 plus 4 makes 8 in Wiltshire, so it did on Easter Island? What do you think?

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