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Birmingham Astrology Community Comments

Posted on 11th June, 2009

Since the Midlands School of Astrology started in April 2006, 58 students have studied astrology on the Basic course and another 61 have attended one day seminars or specific groups. Some of thse students still meet on monthly Saturdays and weekly Fridays. Each has contributed a rich and fascinating narrative and the standard of astrology at group level and individually, has become equal to that available anywhere in London.  Whether or not you have been part of this, please feel free to use this space to make any astological comment available for discussion with others.

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I was working on the Israeli chart and noted that when its progressed Sun conjoined progressed Makemake, the two soldiers were kidnapped, the incident that triggered the Second Lebanon War.
I love to read !
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As one of your students i can confirm that learning Astrology at your classes truly does change your life. Not only have the classes broadened my knowlege about the planets, mythology and science but also (more importantly) about myself.<br />I have found a whole new self worth in coming to your Astrology group and im so glad that i was led to that first seminar that captured my imagination so much<br />Thankyou Alison