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Mysterious Night Shining Cloud Storm over Europe 2009

Posted on 24th June, 2009

Have a read of the Night Shining Cloud page and WOW!  What was even more amazing than the ghostly apparitions was that fact that we discussed them in the Friday morning group just 7 days before this happened!! Just what are the chances of that?  We only did this because I happened to stumble across a picture whilst looking for something else and thought it was so pretty, I did some research.  Ha....we are obviously just the hottest astrology group in the U.K......

Anyway, back to these beautiful structures....any comments?

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Comments (2)

I too have been watching these clouds and there is truly something magical about them. The first time i saw them i wanted to walk straight off the end of the world and into the clouds which seemed to be the entrance to another dimension.<br />Tonight they were amazing too. I have tried to photograph them but could not capture thier beauty.<br />Thankyou for explaining them