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Isis - Mythical Figure, Asteroid and Islamic Sunni Group. Isis and Her Homeland.

Posted on 1st July, 2014

During the week commencing 16th June 2014 a small lump of rock just 62 miles wide moved into position behind the Sun and the planet Mercury. Not an unusual occurrence, for the solar system is always in constant motion, with the planets/players in a beautifully choreographed musical performance. They sweep onto the stage, engage with the other players/planets and then move into the wings for a pause. The constant movement of these planetary `actors` taking part in this large production mirrors our own lives. And as they come together and reveal the unfolding plot, our lives also express this mysterious cosmic plan.


But sometimes the symbolism can be even more mysterious, for the little rock is an asteroid called Isis and on that day, her move into position behind the Sun and Mercury happened to coincide with an explosion of the name ISIS in the world's media. Okay there is a difference, because the ISIS in the news is an acronym for Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (or Sham). But still… that's a hell of a coincidence…


And furthermore, the lores of astrology tell us that if another planet/asteroid gets next to the Sun like that, it means that this other planet/asteroid will be revealed. It's meaning gets highlighted in all our lives, as if a great light is shone on it. The planet Mercury is about communication, so we can add to the script that a revelation will be communicated to Earth. So even though the acronym ISIS isn't logically associated with Isis the asteroid, astrology tells us that there IS a connection between the two.


And what else do we know about the energy and asteroid Isis? Well we have to turn to myth for that, and look within the Egyptian mythology around Isis, the Queen of the Underworld. She was best known for her magic and her courage in collecting together all the pieces of her dismembered husband after they had been scattered far and wide. She reassembled them, replacing his missing phallus with one she fashioned herself. Turning herself into a bird, she then hovered over her husband's remains and inseminated herself so that she could have their baby, which she raised alone.


Isis was a protector, a nurturer, and an overseer of the cycle of death and re-birth. Her cult continued in Europe long after the power of Egypt had dwindled.


So what does this tell us about the astrology of Isis? One particular element stands out and that is her tenacity and the magical ability to bring things back together and restore them. She is a Great Earth Mother and as such she has great power to return things to how they once were.


We are now told that ISIS the Islamic group has just declared itself a new Islamic State, with its leader intent on drawing all the Sunni Muslims to him to form a new homeland. With Isis the Goddess appearing to back him up, he just may be able to do that.


Isis also represents the sacred primordial Feminine that has been so successfully pushed to one side in the Masculine dash for technology and industrial growth. One of her issues may be about addressing this imbalance.


From July 21st through to 2nd August, Isis the asteroid is working with Pluto and Uranus in an alignment round the Earth that looks like 3 points of a square. During this time we will find out just what her intentions are as she battles to assert herself against two other primordial energies intent on pulling things apart. Perhaps here on Earth, that may be acted out by two other nations or powers working to eliminate the new State of Islam.


Watch this space…. For mythology tells us that if you cut off the head of the Hydra (another representative of Primordial Feminine) two more grow in its place….. and her cult continued in Europe long after the power of Egypt had dwindled. We should be careful here.


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