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Update on the Astrology of the Islamic State

Posted on 4th September, 2014

Unfortunately there has been a rather depressing turn of events since my article on Isis was written. And it really doesn't bode well for the future of the Middle East.


Original article here.... Pluto Uranus Isis article


First a little explanation…..


When a new nation or group is formed, then astrology recognises that this `birth` has a birth chart or horoscope, in the same way that a human has when they are born. Anything that `begins` has that beginning as its potential. It's kind of like a blue print for its life. And in this way, when ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) declared itself to be a new Caliphate called just IS - the Islamic State, the position of the planets at the moment of that `birth` became the horoscope for the new State. And what a depressing horoscope it is, for now it includes one of the most evil symbols in astrology…. a `planet` so malevolent, few astrologers will even use it in their work. And it is called Hades.


On the day that the Islamic State was formed, the asteroid Isis and the `planet` Hades were exactly together in the sky. One on top of the other, so that their meanings become blurred. The meaning of Isis becomes synonymous with the meaning of Hades at that time. And even more ominous was their position in the sky, because they were both also forming a huge square around the Earth with Pluto, Uranus and Mars.


I'll explain the meaning of all this by looking at the planets separately.


Hades is a planetary enigma. It's projected position is far out from the Sun, billions of miles from Earth, in the frozen wastes near the edge of the Solar System. The Solar System itself is protected by a huge bubble of electromagnetic, solar energy called the Heliosphere, which keeps us safe from the ultra-high-energy radiation of interstellar Space. Basically, the stuff outside the Sun's bubble is so utterly lethal; it would destroy us in a nano-second.


The Sun's heliosphere contracts and expands as the Sun `breathes`, so at times it is smaller and at other times it is bigger – think of a balloon being blown up or let down. This doesn't bother us because we are well inside the protective bubble, but there are a couple of known planets right out at the very edge of the heliosphere and Hades is one of them. These planets often find that the protective bubble has been withdrawn from them and then they are bombarded by the lethal, ultra-high cosmic radiation of interstellar space. This is a territory so dangerous and malefic to life, it truly reflects the horrors of Hell conjured up by medieval artists. But worse… for us it means the Gates of Hell have truly been unleashed.


This means the new Caliphate or Islamic State has a horoscope which contains some of the most evil and destructive symbolism known to astrology. The combination of Hades and asteroid Isis could mean the Islamic State will attempt to draw together all the scattered parts of Islam, but take them into a terrible and depraved place. The combination of these two with the other planets involved might mean that carnage and atrocity could ensue. Perhaps when the name `Isis` was dumped by the Islamic State, they also dumped the mediating influence of Isis the asteroid. That new horoscope coulod be showing the `take over` of her by the evil influence


Okay, this has happened before in the terrible history of humankind and it could certainly happen again - for terrible evil is seemingly written into the DNA of the human race - but one hardly wants to consider it in the 21st century.


We can do little but wait and see what happens next…..

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