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My Quotes in Article in Daily Mail

Posted on 20th March, 2015

I had my 15 minutes of fame this morning when I was quoted in an article in a national newspaper regarding the Solar Eclipse. However, the reporter had asked a lot more questions, so I'll put the rest of my answers in here, along with a jpeg of the article. 




How rare is this eclipse?


A Solar Eclipse in itself isn't rare. We can get between 2 and 4 in a year. It is the fact that this is happening on the Equinox that makes it more special. That only happens very rarely. The last time that we saw such a thing was in the 17th century, 334 years ago, and there hasn't been one since. We will have 3 more in this century - all 19 years apart - and then there won't be another one until the 24th century.



How important is it?


Well the rarity of it makes it important. But also the position of it in the sky is significant too. It is actually occurring smack on the East/West axis. Where ever you are in the world, the Sun will rise and set exactly in the East and West tomorrow and the eclipsed Sun is following that track. Along with North and South, this cross makes up the framework of the Zodiac Belt of Zodiac Signs. Tomorrow the Sun moves from the end of Pisces, the last Sign of the Zodiac, into the beginning of Aries, the first Sign, so this is a New Year in Astrology. This is always an important day every year, but tomorrow it is doubly so because of the eclipse.



What does it mean astrologically?


Usually the New Moon is about closing down the old stuff in our lives and starting new things. We get to clear out the things that have past their sell-by date, so new relationships and new projects can be investigated. However the eclipse throws all that into disarray. The Sun is a huge driving force in all our lives; it is not only `the light` it is a symbol of confidence and positivity. When the Sun is in good shape, we can see things clearly and look forward to the future. However tomorrow, the Sun's light is dimmed and this loss of strength and power will be synchronous with a general feeling of disquiet or strange `disturbance`. Personal strength could be drained and we might perhaps feel weakened in some way. So the thought of `new projects` may be tainted with a fear of failure, or loss of confidence.



Is it a bringer of good luck or bad luck?


Traditionally eclipses are associated with bad luck. They could portend the death of rulers or the defeat of nations. It was thought that a dragon was eating the Sun and this dragon was immortalised in mythology as the fire breathing dragon of Chinese art and eventually finished up as the dragon of `George and the Dragon` fame. To have the eclipse on the cusp of Aries like this would be seen as a bad omen for knights in shining armour or soldiers and war.



What areas of life will it affect?


Well one could interpret it for the world stage or for each of us personally. On the world stage it is about leadership and conflict. It may coincide with a stuttering or `blip` in strength. Or it could be time when wars are `disrupted` if such a thing is possible, or perhaps a war or conflict takes a different turn.


Then in each of our lives it could be about personal strength. It may be symbolising a distinct lack of self-belief and lack of personal power. During the actual eclipse itself and for a short while, we may experience subterranean fears which invoke a `Dark Night of the Soul` feeling. Let's imagine an example from a movie? Say Superman bursts upon a crisis situation and the crowd shrieks in anticipation and delight… but then let's say he is knocked out by the Dark Villain. Now the crowd groans in fear and trepidation. Who will save them with the Hero gone? We get a sudden loss of confidence and a dark moment.


But the trick to handling this eclipse is…. Keep Believing. Whether or not the Hero is unconscious, the Show will go on! And the more strength you give up, or the further down the slope you slide, the more you will have to catch up when Superman shakes his head and queasily stands again.


Stay with whatever you are doing and hang on to your confidence. Don't let go, for normal service will be resumed and then you can pick up where you left off. Sometimes a fracturing of energy might occur, but you have to hang on and keep your position. This is so that you move forward from there. Don't lose ground!


This is essentially personal re-birth energy and it is essentially rocket fuel. But it comes with `issues`. This is a shaky start to the astrological New Year, but it also a powerful one if you don't blink.



Will it effect the economy?


No I don't think so, unless leadership is involved.



Should people be careful about making major decisions during an eclipse?


I would leave anything that you can leave until next week. The energy in the atmosphere will be very disturbed and it will be best to let things settle before walking forward again.



 How long has this been foreseen?


We can predict eclipses for many centuries ahead, so it has been known about for years.



Does it signal a start of the ends of days, as some have said?


No, I doubt it. I should imagine the world will go on as it always has.


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