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Comments of Birth Chart of new Royal Princess

Posted on 2nd May, 2015

A New Royal Princess, born 2nd May 2015


Anyone who meets this young lady in years to come will be enchanted by her compassion and sensitivity. Once again, Diana's shyness and desire to make the world a better place through voluntary acts of charity will shine through in this descendant. And that really is so obvious in this baby's natal chart. The incredible connection that Catherine, Diana and now the New Princess have is quite remarkable.


Somehow the Cosmos managed to organise it that the position of the Sun at the moment of Diana's birth is the same position that the Moon was in when Catherine was born. And now the new baby was born as that same point in Cancer was rising over the Eastern horizon. Some coincidence that!


And it tells a tale. This little Princess is not about the House of Windsor. The new arrival's birth chart has little in it to show that she has inherited personality traits from Prince Charles. They could honestly be unrelated, they are so distant. This is all about Diana and the Karma that lives on in her descendants.


One amusing inherited trait is her aptitude for education. Diana once remarked how she struggled with academic stuff and it looks as if the new Princess will do too. She should be a late talker and possible slow to learn, but what she does learn she will remember, if that is any consolation.


Unlike her brother George, it looks as if this Princess will spend a lot of her life in the Public arena and there she will feel comfortable despite her shyness and disinclination to speak. Like her brother she carries the energy of the Pluto Uranus square in an obvious way, so she too will have the urge to make a difference in the second half of her life. The challenges of Nature verses technology will be a big concern for this whole generation.


But for now, let's just celebrate her gentleness and sensitivity and thank Diana for the beautiful legacy.

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Comments (3)

Very correct comments and correctly predicted about birth chart of new royal princess. Keep posted more.

Thanks for the information