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Hung on a T-square, with a Cross to Bear?

Posted on 8th May, 2010

Sitting in the aftermath of the British Parliamentary election is the symbol of the cross. In astrology, a fundamental aspect of challenge and stress.  Where four desperately different and antithetical energies seek to pull away in supremacy from the others, thereby causing a situation filled with tension and challenge.  Hallowed by the Christian religion, the cross commands humility and reverance.  So it does in astrology, where one may spend a whole life time foccused on the issues of a natal inheritance symbolised by the aspects of a cross.


Okay, so why I am banging on about a cross when the big astrological feature of the Summer of 2010 is a T-square?


Because the T-square is 3 points of a we see in the 3 main political parties ..........and WE are the 4th point, making the T-square into a cross. For here we sit, watching with ever increasing paralysis and a growing sense of impotency as our three leaders are required to get on and come to an amicable arrangement.


And now we will truly have an astrology lesson in the challenges and differences involved in the aspect of a T-square when one is sitting in a position which makes it all into a grand cross!  (Eeeek! Don`t panic Capt Mannering)


Although not yet fully resident in the first degrees of the Cardinal cross (cardinal - church - teehee!), that is where it is all headed, so it is interesting to see how the players are representing the corners, or the cardinal astrology signs. 


Pretty obvious is Gordon Brown at the Capricorn end, where his dour and humourless stoicism properly demonstrates a Midheaven in Capricorn.  David Cameron is easy to pick out since his Sun is in Libra and his offer to share and work things through with Nick Clegg was delivered in the typical firm, friendly Libran fashion.  Young wippersnapper and surprise challenger, Nick Clegg, gets the Aries end..... so we get............ Cancer!


So now we finally have the manifestation of the T-square - a hung parliament (not to mention a hung Eurozone as they try to reach agreement on the financial crisis and catastrophe surrounding excessive loans and the Euro).  And what energy will we get to help us through whilst we watch our leaders self destruct or save the day??  Cancer   Ok, fine.  What does that mean?


Well, yes, I think we will all be feeling pretty sorry for ourselves as the Summer wears on, and don't we all feel like burying ourselves in the sand now.  But Cancers qualities of protectiveness should come in handy.....and there is something else we can `feel`.  We can feel loved. For the lovingness of and protection of Cancer will be evident all Summer as the Sun pours down its nurturing energy from its position near the Tropic of Cancer and its time in the Zodiac sign of Cancer.  So let's do what Mother would do.  Hand out cookies, dry your eyes and have a big hug!




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My info is David Cameron 9/10/1966 06.00am London and Nick Clegg 7/1/1967 05.30 or 05.56am (discovered by Marie - thank you) Chalfont st Giles. A composite of those 2 gives an asc in Scorpio, Sun conjunct Venus and Mercury in Sag in the 1st house, Moon in Libra in the 11th house accompanied by Mars closely conjunct Uranus in Virgo. The midheaven is in Leo closely conjunct Juno, the symbol of union or marriage. This relationship LOOKS married. The Moon in Libra should seek always to harmonise, but it also has the wider societal concepts at heart. With a packed 1st house, it sure is set to make an impact.
It would be interesting to look at synastry and the composite chart between David Cameron and Nick Clegg! I wonder if there is any 6th house issue in their composite ...! I don't know their details so can't look at it....
Hi Alison, have you checked the composite chart of labour and Lib Dem? Could they fill that Cancer cross? (I've not checked it myself) But just a thought - maybe Labour could nurture Lib Dem over the next four years to enable Lib Dem's to gain much needed experience at running the country, then possibly Lib Dem could be in a position to gain a majority at tne next election??? Just a thought!! Its about time another party was given chance - new labour is almost Tory and some new blood needs to be injected!