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Weds 2nd June 2010. Sun, Venus and Mercury Aspect-less

Posted on 2nd June, 2010

The chart for this day is strange since the centre of our existence, the Sun, Venus and Mercury are free of direction from the other planets. (Apart from a sextile between Venus and Mercury and a couple of minor aspects to asteroids.)  What does this mean? Well, think of the Solar System as a living, breathing organism. Normally it is receiving direction from the outer bits of existence.  Imagine this as the influences on a person during the normal course of their day. So a boss or parents advise or direct them, or a programme is on the telly and they watch it and receive its influence.


Well on this day, apart from Mercury and Venus having a complimentary conversation, they are getting no instruction from anywhere else. This is like a school child having a day off school with no parents in the house, but no electricity. So no influence from the playstation or internet.  What do they do? All their lives they have moaned about not being able to do what THEY want to do and here is the big day.... and now they can...... so what do they do?  Nothing. For actually without the influence which they are so used to receiving they can't think of anything to do. 


This is like the focus and centre of our Solar System today.  What shall the Sun, Venus and Mercury do?  Well they are in Zodiac signs, so there IS an influence and this is what they will reflect in quite a pure way. The Sun will give a pure interpretation of Gemini, so writing and communicating will be his simple pleasure today.  Venus is in Cancer so she will incline us to the pleasures of family, nurturing and intimacy. As for Mercury, he is in Taurus and obviously not terribly happy with such leaden-ness, but he is noticing earthly matters and appreciating the beauty and fabric of the summer growth.


So what does this mean for you?  There are lots of separate strands of influence available all over the place. You can pick up this one..... or that one.... or how about that one over there?  Too many options?  Spoilt for choice?  Feel like the child released from school, but don't know what to do now? Aha..... seems like the Gemini energy is winning.  But of course, you CAN pick anything you want...IF you want to........

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