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The Anguish of Unfair Chiron Suffering

Posted on 9th June, 2010

The Anguish of Unfair Chiron Suffering


The main news stories in America and England during the first week of June 2010 don’t at first seem in any way connected….. until we look at the astrological symbolism that describes them.


For in astrology we have an asteroid called Chiron which was the mythological name of a wise and knowledgeable teacher of the gods. He was a centaur, which means he was half horse and half man.


He got accidentally wounded be a poisoned stray arrow and even though he was a gifted and magical healer himself, he could not heal this wound and had to simply live in agony with it.


This asteroid is currently being activated by the god of war, Mars, (astrology – Mars conjuncts Orcus/Vanth at 0° Virgo, Opposition Chiron at 0°Pisces) and we can look at two World headline events for how this is playing out.


First, the terrible events in Whitehaven, where a local man lost his mind and shot randomly shot 12 innocent people, and second, the explosion which killed the oil rig workers and now mass-pollutes the southern coastline of America. For these two events have similarities in how we respond as a Collective.


In both there is a terrible sense of outrage, wounding and impotency. For nothing can prepare an innocent population who are suffering from something that can never be explained and this seems like the most unfair and unjust agony of all.


In dealing with Chiron, we are left with the simple answer that life does contain the mental anguish of unfair human suffering. It isn’t fair and it isn’t just and that’s it. Even though it hurts so much.


That is the hardest thing to accept.


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