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Arrival of Stunning New Comet. Birth of a New Saviour?

Posted on 9th June, 2010

A beautiful green diamond has entered out Solar System. A new comet from far out in space is now streaking through the sky and will pass by our Sun getting as close as half the distance between Earth and the Sun before it carries on back out of our Solar System. The comet will be passing through Gemini as it is visible in late May and early June 2010. The ancients always saw comets as very important symbols, so what has our beautiful new visitor come to say……


Comet McNaught passes through the constellations of Andromeda, Perseus and Auriga which aren’t on the Ecliptic, but if the Tropical zodiac is extended towards the celestial pole (like a Terry’s orange segment) then these constellations and stars are in the Zodiac sign of Gemini. The Comet conjuncts the star Mirfak on the 13th June, a star which Brady interprets as meaning “Indicative of events effecting large numbers of people, especially those caused by major meteorological phenomena. Bold, adventurous, somewhat dishonest” but never-the-less somewhat fortunate.


The Comet then conjuncts the star Capella on the 21st June, whose meaning according to Brady is “Inquisitiveness, open mindedness, powerful friends” and is again fortunate.


So Comet McNaught is in with a group of nice friends!


On July 2nd the comet is the closest it gets to the Sun, at half the distance between the Sun and Earth, and it never gets closer to Earth than 94 million miles away. It was discovered on September 9th 2009 by Robert McNaught, an Australian who watches out for these things on behalf of NASA. (Comets are always named after their discoverer.)


According to “The comet's green atmosphere is larger than the planet Jupiter, while the long willowy ion tail stretches more than a million kilometres through space”


Because Comets come from deep space, they come from outside of the known Collective consciousness. They come from a place deep within the Universal Unconscious. They signify messages from the reality-behind-our-perceived-reality. Like a message from the Divine. And they herald an absolutely new event. A significant change in the old order which will impact on the fabric of our being.from


In ancient times they portended the birth of kings or the arrival of new influences from afar, such as an invading army, whether peaceful or not.


Watch this space for more info on the meaning of the Comet; in the meantime you can view it through binoculars very low in the sky, around 02.30 local time, in the north east around the constellation of Andromeda.


The images and basis of this report can be found on  The stars in the image on the right are elongated because the camera remained focussed on the comet as it moved, blurring the stars in the background.

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As this amazing Comet travels through Gemini it is actually passing over my Natal Moon and therefore I would like to share my 'experience' with you.
It expresses an 'essence' of what we truly are, a perfect and pure light at our Soul level, echoing out gentle hues of our signature in life, which shows in our Aura.
As this Comet travels the skies, it's tail of an angelic body with fly-type wings is the most beautiful shade of blue, which contrasts perfectly with the pale emerald aura of the Comet itself, a true 'heart, mind and soul' combination, and an image I will carry with me internally, eternally.