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Overdose of Cancer

Posted on 9th July, 2010

From the eclipsed Moon of 26th June 2010 to the eclipsed Sun of 11th July is a 14 day period that will memorable for many because the energies of Cancer and Capricorn were resonating dramatically, causing many family and emotional challenges to come heaving to the surface of everyday life. There was crisis around Mother or memories of Mother and sensitive feelings of rejection and early childhood issues.


On the first eclipse the Moon and Sun were each conjunct the Nodes on either side of the Earth.  The Nodes are the points in space where the path of the Moon crosses the path of the Sun.  During an eclipse the Sun, Earth and Moon are completely in line, so much so that the shadow of one orb will cross the face of another.


The actual nodes themselves take 18ish years to make a complete circuit around the Earth, and they move because the sun's gravity is always trying to pull the orbital plane of the Moon into the plane of the Ecliptic.


When the Moon crosses the path of the Sun, the flux lines cross and gravitational energies are tossed around and broken up, shattering the order. Think of a speed boat going in a straight line across a smooth lake leaving a bow wave in nice straight formation. Then imagine another boat crossing it's path and remember how the two bow waves crash into each other causing choppy chaos on the surface of the water long after the boats have passed.  That is similar to the effect of the the Moon path crossing the Sun/Earth path.


The Sun was travelling with the South Node in Cancer as the Moon crossed it's path, releasing tidal waves of multi-dimensional energy as lines of resonance crossed. These `tidal waves` in the energy around the Earth are causing choppy and scattered Cancer energy in the Ether. It will come as a kaleidoscope of shifting and flashing memories and tearful emotions which can only get heightened as we head towards the New Moon on Sunday 11th July.


Get the tissues ready!

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let me be the first to say how true your astrology forecast and prediction is, as I have already experienced the wrath of cancer/capricorn so far as when the emotional stress levels peaked I was sitting on a plane waiting to go away and had a panic attack and disembarked, I am now waiting for sunday to pass having learnt profounded depths of my unconscious and natal aspects bringing about total transformation and re birth of the new me.....i am a cancer sun