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The Mexican Gulf Oil Disaster and the Chiron/Neptune Conjunction

Posted on 18th July, 2010

As usual with Chiron this accident is an extremely sensitive issue, full of blame, scapegoating and a very large wound!  Or should I say wounds, for who isn’t wounded?


Our Earth has the biggest wound of all and her blood flows freely into her seas.  The Americans feel deeply wounded by the apparent inability of engineers to stop the flow and BP staff probably feel deeply wounded by the blame that is piled on them.


Sadly, we will never be able to stop disasters such as this happening.  It is part of life itself.  Whether that is a single life or as a Collective experience. Life is full of harshness and seemingly unfair events and we are never going to rid our lives or this. Ok, why does this happen?  If there is deity, why don’t they stop the pain and loss? Why do we have this particular event and what can we learn from it?


Pluto ensures that life easily gives itself up in tragic or heroic circumstances so that a new life or a new direction is followed. That is the blueprint, either for just one life or for a bigger organism, such as the Collective. We have to trust the Higher Divine Mind when he pushes us kicking and screaming onto a different path, trying desperately to hang onto an old way of life. 


Perhaps this disaster is about recognising where the greed for oil it taking us.


And as for the personal loss and pain involved……the pain of loss is good for us, it is part of our growth and we should not seek to rid of ourselves of the down bits. 


For it is in our greatest challenge that we do our greatest learning.  Pain and gain are proportional to each other.  I am reminded of the quote from Khalil Gibran, in the Prophet in which he gives when asked to give advice on dealing with pain. 


He suggests watching with serenity in the winters of grief, saying:


“Much of your pain is self chosen.  It is the bitter potion by which the physician within you heals the sick self.  Therefore trust the physician, and drink his remedy in silence and tranquillity.  For his hand, though heavy and hard, is guided by the tender hand of the Unseen.”


And although it is so very hard to look for the silver lining in great tragedy, it always exists. In my work I have always found this. There is always something to learn.


I could point to the American resistance to giving up their gas-guzzling life styles. And can you believe that according to Newscietist, America was responsible for de-foresting more than 120,000 square kilometres of forest between 2000 and 2005?


That’s 120,000 sq kilometres cut down and not replaced.  This was a greater percentage of loss than any of the other forested nations.  Ok, the American public couldn’t SEE the wildlife dying as the nests were flung to the ground and the little baby birds cried out for their mothers and their nests, but it happened.


America and BP have both got lessons to learn about pillaging and over-consuming the Earth.


It is awful to see so many birds die in the Gulf, but are those watching it on TV doing so with a roast chicken dinner in front of them? At least the birds dying in the oil lived a natural life.  The bird on the plate never saw the Sun. It was kept in squalled over-crowded huts where its feathers fell out and hormone growth promoters rendered it to weak to stand. It then ended up as a microwave meal.


If it takes this to stop the American dependence on oil and stop BP from drilling in such places then Sedna or Mother Nature will rest quietly with the birds which she sacrificed. America wanted the oil in the first place, this is a consequence of that.


To deal with the oil leak we have to first change our response to it. Those looking for a scapegoat should look at the bigger picture and ask bigger questions about over-consumerism and over-industrialisation. 


Chiron is about the wounds that make us wise. For in acceptance of that which we least wanted to accept, we come to a place of wisdom and serenity. Life isn't fair. It just isn't. But perhaps this disaster can help us see the folly of burning fossil fuels for energy.  Then the disaster will actually have saved us!

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