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Infanticide and Pluto-Ceres

Posted on 2nd August, 2010

As Jupiter squared Pluto at 3 degrees of Capricorn on 29 July 2010 a story hit the headlines that explains just how Pluto’s mythos came to be. His macabre image was highlighted by the news story that a French woman had murdered 8 of her own babies. According to Sky news she buried 2 in her garden and the rest in a garage in her next home.


This story joined several regarding children suffering brutal and savage injury at the hands of their mothers, or grieving mothers mourning the death of their children. It is interesting to see how these stories correlate with the conjunction of Ceres and Pluto.


Ceres came within 1 degree of Pluto at 4 degrees of Capricorn at the end of April when there was a spate of news about kidnapped children. She then turned retrograde before stationing at 21 degrees Sagittarius. On the 20th October 2010 she makes her complete conjunction with her mythical husband at 3 degrees Capricorn.


So how does this resonate with the story of the French mother who murdered 8 of her 10 children? Well, on the day we were hearing of this, Ceres had regressed away from Pluto to 21 degrees Sag, near her station. So Pluto is pretty much without the companionship of his wife as he receives the transiting square from Jupiter, who will reveal some of his meaning in the Collective.


And so we get the story of a woman who seems devoid of the mothering, nurturing instinct. But who exemplifies the dark, unspeakable actions that we know Pluto is capable of. When Ceres was near him, we still heard of infant death, but then there was a grieving mother. And there we have the difference. Both involved with death and the macabre, but Ceres seemingly synchronous with the grieving mother, as in her myth.


Having said all that, it is then interesting to note that Dominique Cottrez, the French murderess of 8 babies, was possibly born in 1964, (no date of birth) a year when Ceres was in the same part of the zodiac as she was in 2010 when the terrible discoveries were made; that is late Sag and early Cap. A co-incidence? Or is she perhaps in the year of her Ceres return? In which case is Ceres implicated?


Think back to her myth. After mourning the loss of Persephone (Proserpina), Demeter (Ceres) was given the job of nanny to the royal household. Every night she put the baby prince in fire to cleanse him, claiming that in this way he would enjoy eternal life as a god, and not the wretched life of a human. She said “humans were unable to recognize something fortunate. That what looked bad for now, would have become something much better had it been allowed to go on. She could have made the boy immortal, but now he was doomed to die, as all humans must.”


Dominique Cottrez is obviously a deeply dysfunctional, psychopathic woman, completely disconnected from her natural mothering instincts and it is difficult to compare her to Ceres. But when Ceres was baptising the young prince in fire to de-humanise him, she was out of her own mind with grief over the kidnapped Persephone. She got caught by the baby’s mother and it brought her to her senses. Perhaps the discovery of this woman’s grizzly, un-human secret will wake her up to her own actions. Or maybe not, what mother could bear to face that?


As usual, we should remember that the Dwarf planets represent the presence or absence of the energy they represent. They give it or remove it. I don’t think any would argue that Madam Cottrez had no mothering instinct. Maybe an horrific example of a woman devoid of Ceres…… a natal Ceres gone terribly wrong.


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