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Violet Flame, the Astrological Sun and the Sun

Posted on 9th August, 2010

After undertaking some in-depth research on the Sun Earth environment recently, (see the Sun Earth Environment article on this website) a curious coincidence led me to have a conversation with Richard Keogh (Angelman), a practitioner of the spiritual theory of the Violet Flame amongst other things. 


Astronomers now have access to unprecedented images of the Sun because of the deployment of a new solar Observatory called the SDO and many of the best images have been taken in extreme ultraviolet.  This is at the very far end of light and can’t be picked up with the naked eye.


To our naked eye, (if highly filtered for safety) the Sun looks as if it has a smooth surface, but that is just one layer of it.  There is another layer around it that is invisible, but actually holds extraordinarily active and unimaginably powerful energy. This is extremely volatile, with enormous magnetic and electrical storms and eruptions in great fiery billowing explosions.  And all this happens in extreme ultraviolet.


It was the word `violet` that caught my eye.


According to the Richard Keogh’s website ( “the Violet Flame, briefly, is an energy that can transform any unhealthy, heavy energy (illness, emotional pain, & karma) into a higher vibration of well being”


In astrology the Sun has long been associated with healing and I have recently theorised that this is due to the presence of the element of Water in the energy that we receive from the physical Sun. The ultraviolet energy that the astronomers are now so transfixed by, has to be the same Violet flame that this spiritual practice taps into. The word `violet` gives it away.  But it is also about the comparable sense that `healing` is available in this energy.


According to Sue Orchard, the Violet Flame is about transmuting pain and fear into love.  Since in astrology Cancer energy is synchronous with painful shyness and pity, and this zodiac sign is followed by Leo, the sign of Big Love, a pattern of cosmic flow can be seen here. (Interestingly, Cancer is ruled by the Moon, Leo is ruled by the Sun)


From being immersed in the instinctual, often emotionally laden, primal fear of abandonment that comes in the dark side of Cancer, the Sun moves into Leo, where he rejoices in transmuting the hidden into the obvious. For Leo’s salvation will come with the concept of self-love.


First Leo must face the pain of childhood, recognise that the parent loved in one colour when Leo needed another, and emerge from the agony of feeling unloved into the realisation that one must parent one’s own inner child.


For when one heals the agony of not being appreciated as special with one’s own inner confidence and support, then one is truly loved with a love that will never, EVER go away.


This is the promise of the fully understood astrological Sun.  A symbol and energy of healing and transformation. Our King, our purpose, our centre. Our source of light, life and energy.


Love your Sun!


"Limitless undying love which

shines around me like a million suns

It calls me on and on across the universe......

..............Jai guru deva om"


from Across the Universe by the Beatles

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