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Eris Creates a Storm in Cricket

Posted on 31st August, 2010

Perhaps it is because I am not a cricket fan that I can look at the extreme press reaction to the news that the Pakistan cricket team of been taking bribes to alter the outcome of matches dispassionately 


Since the transiting planets involved were Mars conjunct Venus in Libra (sign of balance, fair play) opposite Eris, I have actually found the whole thing fascinating in a way.  Wow, when Eris blows...she blows! Talk about sensational and often bloody. Watch her bring in her own themes of un-fairness whilst she ruthlessly exposes. There will be accusations involving the Pakistani fat cats and those who `have` and those who `have-not` now.


Cricket is, of course, according to Sky news, the epitome of "sportsmanship and fair play" (we are talking Mars - sports and Libra - fair play here!)


Cricket is an integral part of Pakistan culture..not something that a culture wants to expose to Eris, but heyho. Their national chart asc/dsc axis is under the T-square, so challenging times are inevitable.


However it was interesting to see that English golf players were also brought into the discussion with accuastions of them abandoning a British tournament for a more financially lucrative American one.


I have long predicted that Eris will bring the house down on fat-cat, over-inflated sports establishments, since they are completely out of hand now....especially football.  Let's wait and see......

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