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An American Pastor's Religious Intolerance

Posted on 10th September, 2010

Quite WHY an American pastor's intention to burn a Quran should attract so much media coverage can be found in the very transiting planets that symbolise this act in the first place!


For if ever there were a symbol of religious intolerance it would have to be a Jupiter Uranus conjunction!  Uranus finds it difficult to tolerate anything at all, so put him with the pompous, over-inflationary Jupiter and we have a big influence for religious intolerance.


Ironically, this intention by the pastor Terry Jones says a lot about his own spirituality, love and faith. How could a man who represents religion and love have so much religious intolerance and bigoted-ness lurking in his nature?


The Uranus Jupiter conjunction is in Pisces, which is the sign of media coverage and will give a completely uncontained and limitless effect on the conjunction. Hence we have limitless media coverage.


The trine from Mars to the current Neptune Chiron conjunction will also add to the feelings of insult and wounding. A up-welling of Neptunian energy can be expected - but what will that be? Neptune can invoke compassion, redemption, martyrdom or general religious fervour and passion.  As he is with Chiron, I think we can expect wounded-ness and insulted at the very least.


Looking at the bigger picture, as a member of the human race, I am just so sad that such religious intolerance still exists and still incites such hatred.


Well, one thing's for certain, with Jupiter and Uranus in charge ....ANYTHING could happen next and I certainly not going to make any predictions!

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