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Haumea's Heart and Chilean Miners

Posted on 9th October, 2010

Written Saturday 9th Oct 2010 with update on Weds.


Rescue of Chilean Miners.


As the Sun conjuncts the beautiful Haumea, Hawaiian goddess of rock and earth (amongst other things), it is just wonderful to hear that the rescuers in Chile have successfully drilled through the rock to reach the trapped miners. Thereby letting the Sun in.


The Sun always casts positive energy on other planets and no doubt this encouraged Haumea to pour her blessing on the miners who were trapped within her heart. Thank you Haumea!


Easter Island is part of the Chilean nation whilst also being Polynesian. The god of Easter Island was called Makemake, and this is now the name of a dwarf planet in the Kuiper belt which surrounds the Solar System. His sister dwarf planet is Haumea, the creator goddess of the Hawaiians.




Wednesday 13th October 2010


Today, as Mercury, the planet and winged messenger who guides souls in and out of the Underworld also conjuncted Haumea, the miners began to travel up a tube back to the surface. Mercury was assisting them on their way out of the Underworld, whilst Haumea released them from her heart.


Beautiful astrology at work, and thank you to our planets and god/desses!

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I just flashed on a description of Haumea- where TWO MEN were vying for discovery rights. Many of the Chilean miners had more than one woman asking for financial support, with as many as four in at least one case. In Chilean media it was reported that a preponderance of the men had mistresses and wives creating drama above ground while they waited below.
I would like to be the first to suggest that Haumea suggests 2 suitors or two lovers- perhaps ones that satisfy different needs, ie: the wives vs mistresses, further exemplified my Haumea's ability to produce children from various body parts.