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Princess Diana's Chart and the New Royal Wedding

Posted on 17th November, 2010

Tuesday 16th November had fluffy transits of fantasy, illusion and romance. A perfect day to announce a royal wedding, but there was something about that ring…. the one with more charisma and karma than anything Tolkien could dream up…






So naturally I went to Diana’s chart the next day, the 17th, and looked at those transits to her natal chart.

And my mouth dropped open. Where shall we begin?


I’ll start with transiting Uranus and Moon exactly conjunct Diana’s Juno, goddess of marriage.

Juno was the Queen of the Heavens, Zeus’s wife and one of only 2 women on Olympus who were married. As an asteroid goddess and symbol of marriage or relationship squabbles in the chart, she allows very precise prediction when representing marriage or close relationship matters.


Yesterday, Diana, wherever she is, received a sudden revelation or enlightenment regarding marriage. But strangely and more significantly HER marriage. How could that be? Transiting Juno was actually squaring her Asc/Dc axis – a marriage energy stimulated her into some kind of action or reaction. Juno can be very envious in these situations.


Transiting Sun opposes and tr. Jupiter sextiles her Venus, this stimulates some kind of satisfaction. A strong desire is being met, positive light shines into this.


But on the other hand, transiting Neptune and Chiron have been conjuncting her Moon at 25 degrees of Aquarius for some time. Causing huge emotions of pining, yearning and longing for something that can never be. A love that can never be requited, a wound that can never be healed. On this day the Sun squared this from 25 degrees of Scorpio, again requiring some kind of action.


The transits to natal are so significant I could go on and on …but lets just look at the most quietening. Transiting Pluto is on transiting Moons nodes, AND they both oppose Diana’s Mercury. This in turn, naturally rules Gemini, the ruling sign on the cusp of her 7th house.


The Nodes are a portal through to the Otherworld. Where souls of the deceased pass in and out, where space time warps in the massive gravitational and electromagnetic force line tangle. Giant flows of energy crisscross and huge rip tides of immense power abound. And that lot is without Pluto sitting there.


A huge and profound change is happening for Diana. Her ghost, soul, mind, memory or energy, (use whatever words you will) is being resurrected by the actions of a Significant Other (7th house) and she broadens her horizons. (Mercury ruling Virgo on the cusp on the 9th)


Putting all this together, (complete with hair rising on the back of your neck) and it looks to me like Diana’s energy rises again…… she returns to marry.


When Prince William said he wanted Miss Middleton to wear his mother’s ring so that her energy could be at the wedding, he had no idea how right he was. With love, Diana’s beautiful spirit emerges into the Collective and with Juno by her side, she WILL stand at the alter that day. She returns to marry.




(If you liked that, you'll love my book! Go to home page to read about it.)

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Comments (2)

Fascinating insights, which really stimulate and further challenge thoughts on this intriguing subject. I have always been an avid follower of Princess Diana and how she has influenced and what she has achieved AND of course as we see ... continues to still inspire us in some shape or form!