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Meaning of Partial Solar Eclipse, January 4th 2011

Posted on 3rd January, 2011

Since I accurately forecast that England would have an earthquake on the date of the Lunar eclipse two weeks ago on 21st December 2010, many have asked if the Solar eclipse of 4th January 2011 would bring about a similar event. The simple answer is yes, I think so, and for the reasons I have already written of in my article about that date on this website. (See )


These two eclipses are happening as the Earth, Sun and Moon are already in the extreme positions they reach at this part of the Earth’s cycle, when the polar axis of the Earth is most tilted from the Sun. The eclipse on the Winter solstice happened whilst the Sun and Moon were opposite on our horizon here in England, a recognised astrologically sensitive time when the tidal flows of electromagnetic energy around us are stretched like rubber bands.


This time, January 4th 2011, it is the Sun that is partially eclipsed by the Moon as the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth. Both the Moon and Sun are in that portion of the sky that we call Capricorn, an energy that has a strong Earth resonance and qualities similar to rugged mountains.


Since the huge gravitational pull of the Sun and Moon are combining, one can imagine how they will pull on the surface of the Earth, causing movement in its crust, which happens to a small degree every day anyway. It’s just that an eclipse means that everything is in a dead straight line and therefore much more energetically powerful.


Another effect will be a massive sense of hitting the Earth with a bump after the carefree abandon and gaiety of the festive period. This New Moon and eclipse happen on the very day that most of us have to set our alarms, get up early and go to work for the first time in two weeks….. which isn’t the most appealing of prospects! Capricorn is known for having an affinity with harsh or austere conditions and the belt-tightening, penny-pinching that occurs after Christmas comes naturally to this energy.


Looking on the brighter side, this New Moon will be very supportive of New Year’s resolutions, since if fair sets them in concrete. Do all your promising and committing during this time and you are the most likely ever to be able to stick to your guns. You could also plan budgets and be very practical, with strong achievement potential.


This energy offers mastery and survival opportunities, kinda like a Ray Mears boot camp, so cram that tree back in the loft and plan how to plug away at the overdraft – you’ll soon have it all under control, even if everything does seem a bit joy-less at the moment. There is a wisdom and serenity with this energy, so tune into the resonance and connect with the Earth.

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