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Planet Ceres, Isis, the rise of the Goddess and the Egyptian Riots of Jan 2011

Posted on 29th January, 2011

If proof were needed of the rising influence of the Dwarf planets in astrology, then we certainly have some when matching the events in Egypt with the planetary synchronicities. For currently Dwarf planet Ceres is conjunct Mars and the Sun and there is liitle else that will aptly describe the riots in Egypt. The Roman goddess Ceres has several predecessors, but most notably Greek Demeter and Egyptian Isis. 


Isis is the wife and sister of Osiris, the mythical original King of Egypt. Their brother, Seth, wished to rule, and murdered Osiris, scattering the body parts all over Egypt. Isis repaired the body sufficiently to draw semen from it with which she impregnated herself. She cared for the child, Horus, without her husband’s earthly help, and brought her fertilized egg through to his eventual position as a state god and mythical ruler of Egypt.


In order to protect her son and assure his succession to the throne of Egypt, Isis had to accept that he be raised in secret by others, and so had to be separated from him for many years. Parent child separation and the parent child bond is one of her themes. After Isis used magic to resurrect him into a god, Osiris became ruler of the Underworld and King of Eternity with Isis his Queen and Queen of the Gods. She was also called “The-Provider-of-Nourishment” and was the goddess of fertility and the harvest.


The Egyptian people have not felt the support of Isis as `the Provider` in recent times


Ceres the Dwarf planet was discovered in 1801 and originally thought to be a planet. This was the same year as the invasion of Egypt by the army of Napoleon Bonaparte. He took with him a team of artists who published their famous drawings of the Sphinx and the pyramids and caused Egyptian antiquities to be `discovered` too.


In late January 2011 Mars went conjunct Ceres around 9 degrees of Aquarius . The Sun joins in on the 30th January, turning even more of a spotlight onto the issues.


I have a personal love for Egypt and it's people, and I wish them peace, but what I see in astrology is the rise of the Goddess. Okay, she is conjunct Mars, the god of war and that is a enough to stimulate something, but we would not previously have expected such a response from such a conjunction with an asteroid.


But Ceres is no longer an asteroid. She is now a proud and mighty Dwarf planet, with the same strength as Pluto, her partner in this group. Ceres was introduced into Rome for the working classes or `plebians` and it seems she is representing them in Egypt here too. We welcome back the Goddess... and what we witness is her strength.


We Are Witnessing the Return of the Great Goddess After an Absence of Over 1,000 Years


The concept of the Great Earth Mother, whether it is Isis, Ceres or Demeter is truly a significant and important concept for our world. In all past millennia and throughout great and mighty civilizations, the Goddess was a fundamental of life. Until the last 1,000 years or so, that is!


Well, the Great Goddess is returning now and I for one am pleased to welcome her back, I just hope for peace too!


To read more of the Dwarf planets and their effect on humankind in the 21st century you just have to read `Future in the Stars` by Alison Chester-Lambert. It has been hailed at "the most important and spiritually insightful book of the decade. A classic text and a pleasure to read"


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