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Japan's Earthquake, 11th March 2011

Posted on 11th March, 2011

In times of terrible tragedy it seems crass to scrabble for a time so one can erect a chart of the event and pour over it. But we humans need meaning almost as much as we need food - perhaps even more so in times of shock - and so it is with great sympathy and sorrow I look at the planetary symbolism of this horrifying event.


One of the first things to consider is the Moon’s nodes. For here the path of the Sun crosses the path of the Moon; resulting in a titanic clash of electromagnetic and gravitational force lines. The fabric of space/time is stressed, but more importantly pressure bulges and spacequakes impact on our atmosphere with energy and force rippling down to Earth’s surface.


(For more info on the Sun-Earth relationship, see my article. )


The more energy coming at us from the Sun, the greater the power of the nodal point - which brings me to the following point. In the last few hours the Earth has been hit by a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) This is a large, fast-moving bursts of plasma ejected violently from the Sun.


A CME bursts out of Sun with billions of tons of matter, magnetised particles and other stuff and is flung at a speed of several million miles per hour across the Solar System. Then all sorts of stuff happens, including space storms, shockwaves, intense and rapid electromagnetic waves, tidal waves of force and accelerating showers of particle or ionizing radiation.


Normally we are protected from the dangerous stuff in solar wind by our own bubble of protective magnetic field and atmosphere. But when a CME hits the Earth's magnetosphere, it temporarily deforms the Earth's magnetic field and extreme levels of radiation will break through, causing large electrical ground currents on Earth called geomagnetic storms. Protons and electrons get into Earth's atmosphere via the poles, where they form the aurora. Last the night the aurora spread down from the poles as far as Michigan in the U.S.


Ok, so what were the Moon’s nodes doing during the earthquake? Well, the transiting nodes were conjunct the Moon in Japan’s natal chart. (Within 1 degree) Causing turmoil and shock to the people – the Moon in a country’s chart represents the people. There is also some interesting activity going on with the transiting dwarf planets and the Nodes in Japan’s chart. For both Sedna and Eris are making an impact.


Sedna is sextiling Japan’s North Node and Eris is squaring them. Japan’s NN is in Cancer so this symbolises a big release of compassion and emotion amongst the country’s people. They will all FEEL this big style. A harrowing way to be introduced to your karmic potential, but the Cosmos does not mourn single loss of life, it merely opens its arms and transforms the lives from one dimension to another.


It is fast becoming apparent that the dwarf planets are individual Pluto’s in their own rights. Any of them has the power to cause awesome and massive events here on Earth. Apply that power to a country’s nodes and carnage is not out of the question. Sedna is very much implicated in tsunami activity, as we have seen in previous large scale events. (See my articles on Sedna - buttons on the left)


I have no doubt that much will be made of the synchronicity between Uranus’s ingress into Aries and this earthquake and I’m not making light of it either. Uranus’s move over the Equinoctial point is a huge event in any astrologer’s guide book.


Just one more point to note is Japan’s Sun Saturn opposition which was on the horizon, or under the transiting ascendant/descendant at the time. They’ll need every bit of that potential resilience now. May the Divine bless and love them.


To understand the dwarf planets and their meaning in the 21st century, read my book on them - see home page of this website or panel to the right.



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