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The Japan Earthquake and the Nuclear Threat 14th March 2011

Posted on 14th March, 2011

In the past day Mercury has been square to Pluto and they were joined for a few hours by the Moon in the early hours of the morning. The planets are telling the story very clearly, for this alignment is synchronous with the horrifying events in Japan. It is now clear that tens of thousands lost their lives within minutes as whole towns were drowned under a raging 30 meter wall of water.


This is an awful lot of souls to need guidance into the Underworld and it appears that the planets are silently indicating how the Cosmos works. For in myth it is Mercury/Hermes who guides the souls of the dead to the banks of the mythical river from whence they take a ferry to the Underworld. He leads them to Charon, the Ferry man who is symbolised by Pluto’s Moon, also called Charon. After the payment of coins they are taken over the river in Charon’s boat to Pluto’s realm. If a lot of souls pass at once, as in this case, they queue on the river bank awaiting their turn. Mercury will get to them in time.


This illustration show's a recently deceased soul getting into Charon's ferry with Mercury watching on 


But the planet’s are managing to symbolise another issue right now too - the growing horror of the nuclear disaster. I listened to radio 4 this morning as James Naughtie interviewed a nuclear expert who had some chilling words to inform us of “the terrible power of the atom”. Apparently one particular power plant has plutonium as its fuel (plutonium was named after the planet Pluto) and this means a whole pile of trouble.


The expert said geiger counters don’t measure this particular radiation – and it is far more deadly and `invisible` than its little brother Uranium. (This will not surprise astrologers!) I don’t suppose this will have been received as comforting by James Naughtie, who flew there overnight and broadcasted the show from there this morning!


Mercury represents news and information in general, so his contact with the planet Pluto in the sky over the last few hours is the planetary alignment that describes this latest revelation. The Moon’s presence in the alignment (making a t-square) speaks of the chill of fear and emotional reaction this news will cause.


All this is in my latest book and actually well worth the few quid it costs when one considers that most of these issues are discussed and predicted in it! Go to the panel on the right to buy `The Future in the Stars`. The illustration shown on this blog is in it and copyrighted.

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