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Japan, Sedna and Whaling. Thurs 17th March 2011

Posted on 17th March, 2011

Japan, Whaling and Sedna… the Pride and Outrage of the Arctic Sea Goddess.


The astrology of the events in Japan is curious in that it includes a lot of activity around two of the new dwarf planets, Eris and Sedna, and I have only just realised what they are silently saying.


The planet and goddess Sedna is `squaring` or causing a great deal of grief to the Japan’s Sun - and the Japanese flag is a red sun disc, so I should have seen this earlier! I have been puzzling over this for the last 2 days. Eris just generally helps to cause amok when requested to, so it had to be something that Sedna was pointing to that represented the underlying meaning to all this.


And then it came to me in the middle of the night…… the whaling!


I’ll explain a little about Sedna first…. This Inuit underworld goddess is the most important of the peoples of the vast Arctic. She rules the Underworld and from there Sedna applies strict rules and conditions for the Inuit to fish by or she withholds her bounty from the hunters, resulting in dire trouble. The tribe’s shaman leader has to make a spiritual or shamanic journey to visit her in the Underworld of the Ocean. And there he must appease her by combing her hair as an act of reverence and humility, whilst he finds out what they must do to put things right.


Sedna cannot comb her own hair because she has no fingers. These were cut off by her father as she tried to cling to the side of a boat during a storm. In order to save himself (father represents humankind) he chopped off her fingers and as they sank into the sea, they became the whales and sea mammals. Sedna is a very stroppy and outraged goddess because of this terrible treatment at the hands of her human father. She was synchronous with the tsunami of 2004 and Hurricane Katrina.


See it now? The whaling that Japan carries out each year is a huge outrage to Sedna. According to the Sky news site “Japan introduced `scientific` whaling to evade the commercial whaling ban introduced in 1986, arguing it had a right to monitor the whales' impact on its fishing industry. Last year, Australia filed a complaint against Japan at the World Court in The Hague to stop scientific whaling in the Southern Ocean.”


In February this year, the yearly Japanese whale hunt in the Antarctic was terminated early because of harassment by the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and Greenpeace. Although the Japanese admit that the taste for whale meat is fading as the young Japanese refuse to eat it and in 2009 much of the catch was merely frozen since nobody wanted it. Actually the fact that they have leftover meat from the previous season and they still go out to kill more the next year is unforgiveable in Sedna’s eyes. And Sedna is one stroppy goddess on her own without the backup from Eris!


It is very difficult for me to write of this whilst so many innocent Japanese people are dying or in grave danger, but sometimes astrology is stark and harrowing….because life is. And pretending it is any different is to be in denial of Mother Nature and her karmic ways.


The desperate Japanese are currently pouring seawater on their stricken nuclear facility in an effort to keep it know...somehow...... I think this may be the right thing to do. Their focus on Sedna's waters as a way of saving themselves could be instinctively right. So long as they do it in reverance and I think this is the case.


Writing of this has a positive benefit because it means I am saying there is something we can do. We can pray to Sedna. Go on our own shamanic journey and symbolically comb her hair, whilst asking what we must do to appease the Great Ocean Goddess. We will be heard, we can make a difference. And then the human race must learn….. we must change the way we have been treating our Earth…but that’s for the future…. now we just pray.


To learn more of Sedna and Eris and what else we have to come, buy my book called the Future in the Stars. It is written for anyone to read, you do not need to know astrology. It’s a translation of the astrology for the coming decade.  click here to buy

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