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A Plea for Astrology & Removal of Prejudice Using the Census

Posted on 22nd March, 2011

In the coming Census in England, you can do something that would really help the cause of astrology – you can write `Pagan` in the `other` box that asks you about your religion. (Question 20)


Paganism in its wider sense includes Eastern religions, indigenous traditions & rural folk religions. It encompasses all the spirituality that existed before Christianity and was the basis for most of it. The Church turned the multiple deities of the Pagan beliefs into a `one god` paradigm, originally with the Sun as a model, since there is only one Sun. (As was thought then) Now, Paganism is an alternate belief, outside of organised church hierarchies.


Commonly there is belief in multiple deity, gods and goddesses or `something else` rather than the one God. Astrology is a central belief since Paganism accepts that the Universe is a living, breathing joined up entity. That the Solar System has an invisible 3D web that has waves of energy passing down it that links everything into the same consciousness. (Even science believes this now!) This is similar to Buddhism and the spiritual beliefs of many non-western cultures.


In the Census in England, the word Pagan WILL BE ACCEPTED & COUNTED if you write it in the Spiritual box under `OTHER`. Terms like `holistic`or `spiritual` may not be given the status of recognition. They don't have the religious connotation of Paganism and Druidry. BBC Radio 4 ran a piece on the coming potential of a revolution in English religion if people choose to write PAGAN in that box. There is some concern in Church of England circles. So..... over to you then.....


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