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Saturn Talks to his Moons - High Energy Beams Flow Between Them

Posted on 22nd April, 2011


The evidence for `action at a distance`, which is what the scientists say they need to accept that astrology is possible, is growing. A blog on the big EarthSky website in April has some fascinating information regarding a loop or high energy beam that passes between Saturn and Enceladus, 150,000 miles away. (1) It’s an ion beam of exceptionally high energy and very surprising for such a little moon.


Recognising this phenomenon in the Saturn system will help them understand more of Jupiter’s connections to its moons too. For it turns out that Saturn and Jupiter along with their moons, all have auroras. These are like the Northern Lights on Earth, where the auroras are caused by the inflow of electromagnetically charged particles from the Sun into Earth’s atmosphere at the poles. So on Earth the electrons come from the Sun.


On Saturn, the auroras are caused by the enormous current system looping from Saturn to the moon and back. Where the flow hits the surface of the planet and the moon, there is an aurora. And the flow is variable … so it’s like an intermittent communication….



At the risk of boring you all to death again… this is what I’ve been saying for years. The electrical energy pouring out from the Sun contains `updates` or `communication` that talks to our nervous system, just as Saturn `talks` to its moons. We live in an electrically communicating solar system and universe.




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