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America Kills Bin Laden under Eris/Jupiter/Mars/Moon Conjunction

Posted on 2nd May, 2011

Although I would never have predicted it, it is never-the-less not surprising that Osama Bin Laden has been killed by American forces as the Moon conjoins the most powerful conjunctions Eris has had since discovery.


This dwarf planet represents revenge and justice and certainly there will be many who feel that this has been done. But as an astrologer I pause and wait open mouthed, for Eris also starts wars and we have to hope that her involvement will not escalate into yet more turmoil in the Middle East.


Upon hearing the news, I didn’t reach for one of Osama Bin Laden’s three different birth charts…. I reached for Pakistan’s ….for I remember only too well where their progressed Sun is… 22 degrees Libra and right across from the Jupiter/Mars/Eris conjunction at 22 degrees Aries. It was joined by the Moon as the Special Forces achieved their goal, so it is confirmed that this was the astrological configuration that describes it.


OMG …..what now? How will Pakistan take this? Eris has just thrown in her golden apple and in myth it started a row that caused the Trojan War. The Americans are to be applauded for `getting their man` without taking the lives of more innocent people, but now we have to turn to the Pakistani people and hope that they won’t feel goaded by this act – which THEY may feel affronted by. Will they champion the American cause or feel aggressed against?


There is a way to deal with Eris energy and that is to quietly labour on and ignore the aggravation of the Other. Don’t howl in rage and bitterness at the unfairness, just get on with your own stuff and let Eris bring in her own justice. Then one receives a huge boost of support as Eris energy is turned into action that will elevate and reward. Let’s just hope that Pakistan decides that this is the best course of action? Fingers crossed…chart of Pakistan as the killing took place below.....


by Alison Chester-Lambert, English author and astrologer.


To read more of Eris and the other 4 dwarf planets which means Five More Pluto's, buy my book. I will be talking on this subject at Astrology lectures in Sacramento (16th May) Los Angeles (19th May) and Portland, Oregon (Fri 20th May) during a promotional tour of the West Coast. See USA events page.





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