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Ground Hog Day and Fanatical Gunmen, Here We Go Again

Posted on 31st July, 2011

A quick check of the sky for early August 2011 has the interesting phenomenon that only 4 of the classical planets, plus the Sun and Moon appear to be moving forward from our position here on Earth. Pluto, Neptune, Uranus and Mercury will all be retrograde, which means they seem to retrace their recent path against the backdrop of the stars and constellations. What does this mean in astrology? It means that nothing is new for a while and we get a rest whilst lots of stuff is re-processed.


Now this is fine if you keep winning the lottery, but what if you feel like the hamster in the wheel and like in the movie Groundhog Day, you have to keep re-living the same rungs? We also have to consider that the 3 big planets are trapped in a T-square formation that seems to have some quite irritable and occasionally tragic outcomes. The same formation was in the sky last summer when we witnessed the horror of the Cumbrian shootings with Derrick Bird, and then the case of another lone gunman, Raoul Moat.


This summer we have already had the horrific story of the fanatical gunman in Norway. It seems that this T-square symbolises a pressure cooker situation that produces lone incidents of madness on behalf of a Collective simmering with various discontents. It is earthed through incomprehensible acts of insanity in the most inconceivable and surprising of environments. For whilst the wars persist in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, giving an obvious outlet for the challenges symbolised in the planets, instead it comes in Cumbria and Norway! Not exactly hotspots of political or religious unrest and dis-ease.


From the 8th to the 11th August we get an injection of energy into this tension in the form of the god of war – Mars, who comes at it from the emotionally sensitive energy of Cancer. A goddess Juno picks up the 4th corner of the square and adds her particular brand of fighting – the personal kind!


Okay, that’ll kick it off…hang on to your hats as relationships on the edge get tipped into freefall. Good ones will ride the challenges and deepen, those past their sell-by date will end and this will be for the best. Hopefully we won’t get any more insane shootings.


Apart from that, this summer is a bit like Ground Hog day in that we will go over things again….


A quick check of the sky for early August 2011 has the interesting phenomenon that only......


Alison Chester-Lambert 31st July 2011

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Comments (2)

The gunmen are not as fanatical as religious people.
AS for me astronomy is really the most interesting science!