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Why Are the Looters Doing This?

Posted on 9th August, 2011

Why Are They Doing This?


Around the 7th August 2011, England was rocked by mindless and extremely destructive and violent looters. They ransacked city centres throughout mainland England causing carnage, terror and millions of pounds worth of damage.


Why? This is the generation who have been given everything? The rioters were all male youths in their early 20’s and this gives a strong clue to their motives, since it is easy to use astrology to go back to the late 80’s and ask what is it in their horoscopes that was so primed and ready to go off in this way. And the answer is easy to find. Uranus in Capricorn.


From February 1988 through to 1990 Uranus was in the early degrees of Capricorn, first being conjuncted by Saturn and then an opposition from Chiron joined in. By February 1989 Saturn had moved on to join Neptune, but Chiron continued to oppose Uranus until July. Then in August of that year, Jupiter moved into Cancer and picked up the opposition. This is the generation we are looking at. (We know this because the transits from 5th August to 8th August 2011 are causing the events and they are focussed around 3-4 degrees of the Cardinal Cross.)


So why? WHAT do they feel with their Uranus’s in Capricorn being transited by the T-square?


Well, everything a Uranus in Capricorn person feels. The revolution is against the establishment of Capricorn. All the social structures that have been built for safety and security. They want to break free of restriction and boundaries. The lead weight of Capricorn feels too heavy and they resent it.


Resent the achievement of others. Resent the old permanence. Resent the establishment. The natal Chiron in Cancer of the rioters tells us about how, deep down inside THEY feel they weren’t shown enough love by a generation of parents who put material achievements and presents over the more sensitive and loving demonstrations of affection. In short, we spoilt them with `must-haves` but missed out on Cancerian parenting and homelife.


So now they have to break down the establishment to show their rebelliousness and disappointment. They were LOOTING quite specifically, removing and grabbing what they see as their rightful share of the bounty of the establishment. Not the cheap trainers, the Nike Airmax.


Strangely, to rebel against the establishment, they must remove and own some of its products. It’s an` in-ya-face` thing against the provision of too much and the perception of not enough as a result. Maybe we gave them too much? Struggle is a necesary part of the human journey towards responsibility. Maybe, as with Uranus, now they just want to take without responsibility?


I did say that this is how the rioters may be feeling. I didn’t say I sympathised!


Alison Chester-Lambert 2011


Chart of the late 1980's generation.

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Wow The Sites Are Must Astrology Knowledge Bank, I believe Astrology Science, Its Must Helpful For human. I Am Student Of Astrology, The Article Helpful For A Astrologers Or Human, Thanks Admin.
There was a very significant solar flare at that time too. I believe the energy of Uranus Neptune may have been augmented in certain individuals with that natal conjunction, pushing them into the "madness."
A solar flare would increase the magnetic qualities in human blood (iron in haemoglobin). Its worth a look at solar flares and how they affect people. I think this is the key to the spike in this transit of Uranus and Pluto to this conjunction.
Personally I guess it should have some impact for our planet soon!